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The Memorable Ride on a Camel at Mandvi Windfarm

Camel Ride

Once upon a time, it was the major port of the region where trades with other countries were done. Yes, I am talking about Mandvi city which is famous for its clean, virgin beach and dabeli. The beauty and splendor of the city makes it a must visit place in Kutch district.

Blessed with typical tourist destinations, Mandvi city attracts thousands of tourists every year. It takes almost one full day to visit Mandvi. Age old Ship-Building yard, Vijay Vilas Palace, Topansar Lake, Handicrafts Market, Kranti Tirth, Light House and the famous Windfarm beach are some of the must visit locations in Mandvi. And yes, if you are a food lover, you must have heard of “Kutchhi Dabel” which was invented in Mandvi city and is still has the unbeatable taste here in the city.

Talking about beaches of Mandvi, there are two famous beaches one is the Windfarm beach, and the other one is private beach of Vijay Vilas Palace. The first one is free to visit while the other one costs you a little. Unlike most of the beaches in India, Mandvi is not palm fringed yet it is one of the best amongst all.

Windfarm Beach

You will see a series of retired wind mills planted on the beach and this is the reason it is called windfarm beach. This was Asia’s first ever wind-mills project built in the year 1983. Standing at the shore of Gulf of Kutch, watching the sunset inside still calm sea at the blue horizon is just unexplainable experience.

Like the other beaches in Gujarat, this beach also seems cheerful and colorful. When sand does not stick to the feet and ocean seems very calm, a camel ride along the beach would bring you all sort of interesting and unexpected experiences here. Other attractions includes water sports, kite flying and playing games. Taking a walk on this long beach line will be an unforgettable experience for you.

All and all this would be one of the best experiences that you will have while you are on the tour of Kutch. So if you are thinking to visit Mandvi beach after reading this, Kutch Tour Guide can help you with that. You can book your Kutch Tour Packages at our website