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The Most Colorful Fairs and Festivals of Kutch

Fairs and Festivals of Kutch

Kutch is famous for its various fairs and festivals. Here people enjoys life by celebrating vibrant festivals. Different communities of Kutch like Koli, Jat Rabari, Megwal, Sodha, and Ahir come together and celebrate these festivals with extreme joy. Among all of the festivals, some are very unique and traditional which everyone must attend. They show the real culture, traditions, ethos and spirit of Kutch.Especially, monsoon is the season when most of the fairs are celebrated. Here are some highlights of famous fairs of Kutch.

Mota Yaksh Fair

This fair is celebrated at Yaksh which is located 40 Kms. From Bhuj city. This is said to be the largest fair of Kutch district. Hundreds of thousands people come here to enjoy this fair. It lasts for three days. “Yaksh” in the local language means the angels. People celebrate the fair in the memory of “Yaksh” (angels) who came here to save the people of Kutch from cruel rural and taught them some skills to live their life in a better way. Some people also call this place the mini “Tarnetar”.

Hajipir Fair

Hajipir fair is celebrated in the memory of a holy saint “Hajipir”, at the tomb of hajipir. This fair shows the true unity of people of Kutch. Men and women from every religion come here to pray for them and celebrates the festival. “Hajipir” was so kind that he spent his whole life to serve the poor people of Kutch.

Dada Mekan Fair

This fair is celebrated at “Dhrang” village which is 30 kms from Bhuj city. This fair is celebrated to remember the great saint of Kutch, “Dada Mekan”. He spent his whole life in the desert of Kutch to help all the people who have lost their route in this Great Rann of Kutch. He was used to help them and show the way out. “Dada Mekan” had great partners like a donkey and a dog to carry water and food with them. During this fair, traditional events like wrestling and cart racing are being organized.

Shitla Mata Fair

This fair is celebrated at the Hamirsar Lake of Bhuj city. It is celebrated on the occation of Janmastami, birthday of Lord Krishna. It starts a day before the aatham and lasts for two days. People from all over the Kutch come here and enjoys food, small rides and camel riding at the Hamirsar Lake. On the second day of the fair, “Matki Fod” even is organized where people take part to break the “Matki” (pot).

Jesal-Toral Fair

This fair is celebrated at Anjar city which is 45 kms from Bhuj city. in the memory of Saintly couple “Jesal-Toral” near their temple. Talking about the history, Jesal Jadeja was a famous bandit of Kutch and Toral was a holy princess. Jesal became a saint when he got into the touch of Toral and her company. After they became saintly couple, they served the people of Kutch. We highly recommend everyone to watch this fair once.

Nagpanchami Fair

This fair is celebrated at the Bhujia Hill which are located in the Bhuj city. Celebrated on Shravan Sud 5, people pray the god of snakes in this fair. The temple of the god of snakes is located at the top of the Bhujia dungar.

Other Fairs

Other famous fairs of Kutch include Mahashivratri Fair, Matia Pir Fair, Ramdevpir Fair, Jogninar Mata Fair, Ravechi Mata Fair, and Ravadi Fair of Mandvi.

All and all, people of Kutch knows how to celebrate the life at each and every point of time. All these fairs shows the unity of Kutch. If you also want to be a part of this celebrations, Kutch Tour Guide can help you with good Kutch Tour Packages. To learn more, visit us at