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Meditating at Vipassana Meditation Center at Mandvi-Kutch

Vipassana Meditation Center at Mandvi-Kutch
In today’s hectic and fast  life people always tend to beat other people to gain more success, to get more money and power, but in the process the forget that they have the most precious gift all, their body & mind. Achieving life goals is good but in the process if you’re not able to keep up your physic then you won’t be able to enjoy your life. To overcome this uncomfortable and stressful feeling people usually choose the path of alcohol and cigarettes which in turns makes you even more worse. Although India has a very cheap and best to overcome this, and that is meditation.

Kutch has a very famous Meditation center located near Mandvi city. Rediscovered 2500 years ago by the GotamaBudhha, dhammaSindhu situated in the far western of the India near the village of Bada. It is about three kilometers inland from the Arabian Sea. The nearest town, Mandvi is 22 Kms from this location which is famous for numerous things like Ship building Yards, beautiful wind farm beach and last but not the least Dabeli.

The property consists of 35 acres of land which was previously undeveloped but over the time it was developed to suit the requirements of people who visit this place for some peace of mind. Cooling sea breezes keep the climate at its best, the silence, the calmness, the serendipity happens here because of its beautiful climate throughout the year. TheVipassana Meditation Center is spacious and can be easily accommodate more than a hundred students at one go. From the male and female dining halls, it also has huge accommodation areas.

The center is equipped with single and double rooms, all with attached bathrooms.Vipassana Meditation center is also equipped with all the necessary amenities which will meet everybody’s basic requirements.

The meditation hall stands in a higher flat platter with extensive walking areas behind it. In 1993, construction work began in a three-story pagoda. They completed first phase which has 185 sounds. The center is an attractive location. A large reservoir border the site and peaceful rural scenes surrounded to it.

Vipassana courses can be availed by anyone. Being the most ancient meditation techniques of India, for new students, this center regularly offers 10-Day Vipassanacourse retreats while for advanced students, there are larger retreats offered. Many students from India and other countries visit this center to retreat.

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