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Now the entire discussion goes about Gujarat’s Kutch region. The semi arid region of the state of Gujarat the so called Kutch is sometimes described as India’s “wild west”. As this area may be dry sometimes and there is a special area there known to us as salt or white desert which is mostly famous for cinema shooting purpose. This is said to be salt desert as the desert is white in color and behavior similar to that of sand. This land that is stretched immensely and is of largely barren type and desert landscape that is harsh is about to span apparently the distance more than forty thousand square kilometers, and is one of the largest districts in the country. Its name, Kutch is all set by a tortoise shaped and is called in that way. It generally varies from dry to wet by passing all the seasons so it is called by that name. Gujarat’s Kutch region is widely famous all over the world for its event called Rann utsav.

However the interesting thing here is all about the behavior of people of Kutch as they remain with the aspect of unity even after having such strict rules and following that in a manner that is not possible to maintain by other people.

Gujarat’s Kutch region is widely famous for all the aspects of entertainment such as art and dance. When migrants who roam all over the country came to the region of Kutch centuries ago, the Indus River that has flowed throughout the area of the region, which made the land fertile for farming and livestock is certainly considered holy. This shows the respect towards the thing that provided them food.  An earthquake that was called tremendous which occurred in the year 1819 altered its course and it was consequently hit by many other earthquakes in which the 2001 earthquake was main one. Gujarat’s Kutch region is considered very strong as it has been facing many serious consequences and is still having a strong basement. Gujarat’s Kutch region is becoming famous day to day.