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Shyamaji Krishna Varma was born on the special date of 4th of October and in the year1857 in the town of Mandvi which is exactly located in Gujarat state. We have many people who fought for freedom in which he is also considered as the one. It has gone famous in the recent years. This location has got the luck to take birth of such a freedom fighter that fought for our country for many years. As we all know the point that people of east India Company tortured us for many years and due to these freedom fighters we came to a point called independence and are really able to enjoy the freedom of our country.

Shyamaji Krishna Varma was born to the pair of Karsan Bhanushali who was a labourer for the company of cotton press, and Gomatibai, who took her last breath when shyamaji was only eleven years old. He was brought up by his grandmother included with immense love. His ancestors used to live in a village nearer to that district Bhachunda, a village which is present nearer to Kutch region of Abdhasa taluka. They migrated to famous town called Mandvi in serious search of employment and because of issues that occurred due to family. After the completion of settlement and migration as the freedom was not yet achieved sri Shyamaji Krishna Varma continued to his secondary education in the capital city of the Kutch district called as Bhuj which is equally famous for tourism as Kutch was. Shyamaji Krishna Varma smarak went to famous area called Mumbai which was called Bombay at that time for further education as it was developed at that time itself at a high fame school called Wilson High School. He also had an additional language as his plus point called as Sanskrit.

In the year of 1875 Shyamaji Krishna Varma married Bhanumati not on a large scale but according to his budget who is a daughter of a businessman who is also considered one of the wealthy persons. Her father also belongs to the famous community of the Bhatia’s and she was the sister of her friend of school named Ramdas.