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Time to Visit the Great Rann of Kutch

Rann Of Kutch

You see deep blue sky is merging with the nothingness of the salty white land somewhere over the horizon. Feel the beauty of nature and think that what you are seeing is beyond your imagination. This is the mesmerizing experience that every tourist of the White Desert have while their visit.

You won’t believe that this whole flat land gets covered with sea water during monsoons. The water recedes leaving behind salt marshes as the temperature rise and summer beckon. Camels strutted along the desert escorting both adults and kids throughout the desert. And a hot mass of vermilion orange sun set over the infinite salt pan. From the nearby highest point in Kutch, Kalo Dungar, the endless expanse of Rann of Kutch is distinguishably visible.

The village of Dhordo is located about 85 kilometers from the capital city Bhuj where the festival of arts, culture and beauty of Kutch, Rann Utsav is hosted and celebrated. A huge tent city is built on barren, arid, and cracked land in which tourists from more than 20 countries come and stay to celebrate the festival of life, Rann Utsav. Both AC and Non-AC tents are available for booking in the tent city.

Temperature here drop down to as low as 5° C in which you cannot escape the winters by just wearing warmers but by bonfire and enjoying together. In this Rann Utsav, people enjoy the real Kutch where dancers, musicians, puppeteers, and comedians keeps you entertained.  The beautiful Kutchi folk music is filled in the air and traditional dance add up icing on the cake.

Tourists may also want to try out various activities during their stay. These activities include ATV ride, para-motoring, Trikke, rifle shooting, Velcro wall climbing, tandem bicycle, archery Segway PT, bungee run basketball, sumo wrestling and much more.

Apart from these activities, people visit nearby handicraft villages like Nirona and purchase intricately embroidered Gaghra-Cholis, wallets, purses, cushion covers, bed sheets, shawls etc.These items are very rare and can probably be found in these villages only.Tourists are also offered a complementary sightseeing to all the famous places of Kutch like palaces in Bhuj, beach of Mandvi and the famous village Bhujodi.

The colorful culture of Kutch has many things to offer. From some undiscovered places to amazing handicrafts, Kutch is really a unique and one of the most beautiful district in India.