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Flamingo City in Kutch

A low-lying stretch of land that alternates between lagoon and desert, Rann of Kutch is the home of beautiful pink flamingos. These birds fly here from central Asia after each monsoon to build their nests, breeding in shifts through the winter and disappear as summer comes. It is better known by “Flamingo City” or “Surkhab Nagar” in local language. It has become a center of attractions for many tourists and nature lovers. Tourists from all over the country come here in the annual Rann Utsav and side-by-side enjoy the beautiful view of this Flamingo City

Birds start moving at the island from the month of October onwards. The island has become one of the largest nesting site of the species in the country. If we talk about statistics, around 10 lakh flamingos were recorded in the year 2011 on this island according to forest officers. We should mention here that these flamingos are found only in the Big Rann of Kutch.

It is believed that these beautiful flamingos migrate from the cold regions to India in season of winter. But some researchers have proved that they actually live in India only. They spread in the parts of Asia after their newborn get old. Till then they live and breed in the little ponds of mud which is created by the water of sea spreaded all-over the Rann of Kutch.

If we talk about their looks, these birds have a very special place among all the tall birds. They are about 4 feet tall and have pink wings-legs, a long S-curved neck and dark red eyes. They are living on the earth since millions of years.They always fly in a group making the letter “V” shape in the sky.

Along with this beautiful flaming city, tourists got to see the beauty of the White Rann of Kutch which is spread across 30000 sq. km. in the Thar Desert. This Kutch Rann is surrounded by Arabian Sea and the whole desert looks very beautiful and becomes lively during Rann Utsav. If you also want to experience the flamingo city and white desert, you can book your tour with Kutch Tour Guide at