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Top 9 Hotels at Rann of Kutch you must know about

Kutch’s fascinating charm binds with its enormous white dessert and the rich cultural tradition. It has many small and large villages resided within. The Kutchis are known for their deep hospitality and sound artistry interests. Kutch tends to be the A1 place to visit during the winters. And if your vacation venue is for the same, don’t miss out these lifestyle hotels for your pleasant stay. The beautiful resorts will absolutely land you into a concept living of your choice.

There have been numerous options to go with when you are planning for Kutch landscaped hotels. Fabulous hotels with excellent amenities will be your choicest way to make travel experience aced. Following are best-listed hotels to relive in, for Concept Hotel

Shaam-e-sarhad village resort

shaam-e-sarhadThe Shaam-e-Sarhad resort is the perfect gateway to a genuine travel experience. Here, the Hodka Tourism promotes a Local Culture and Craft based Tourism which adds to Sustainable Livelihoods and integrated rural development. The community contributes cultural celebration by folklore timeworn traditions. The entire ambiance is local styled, and exquisitely decorated with mirror work, textiles, and other local crafts. The resort is situated in Hodka village, surrounded by an area of impressive natural beauty, an ideal location from which you can discover the captivating lands of Kutch. The Program promotes local Handicrafts, Music, Traditional food, lifestyle through Endogenous Tourism Team.

Rann Home Stay

rann-home-stayRann Home stay, located near Gorevali, is a concept resort serving tradition since 5years and counting. With delightful hospitality tradition reflecting Kutch’s gratefulness, this resort has quite a good affluent service with all required amenities like double bedded rooms, vegetarian food, multi cuisine, attached washrooms, cultural programs, parking, mosquito repellent indoors, laundry facilities. The exact village experience can be witnessed here by serving and hospitality of the resort workplace people. A perfect leisure stays with the beautiful atmosphere.

Rann Bhoomi Resort

Rann Bhoomi ResortRannBhoomi built on the white Rann of Kutch (Bhuj)by the hodko village of Banni in Kutch. Crafts like ethnic Cloth Patch work, intricate shaped design is used decorating the attire more cozy. The whole ambiance makes anyone fresh and rejuvenating with the energetic atmosphere. The whole resort encompasses magnificent decor and unsurpassed comfort with fulfilled amenities. All important sites are easy to visit. As it falls near to the Hodko Village, witnesses the ancient community, the descendants of Halaji, i.e. people immigrated from Sindh. Also, the well-known reserves of Flamingo ‘Chari-Dhand’ Wetlands will make your trip memorable.

Gateway to Rann Resort

The only Village resort resided near the White Sea banks, The Kutch Rann Resort is an amazing gateway to the Desert Front houses. The Kutch Rann Resort is located in Dhordo Village, taluka Bhuj. At this Resort you can enjoy village style living with mud huts locally called Bhunga and witness the scenic white desert at a considerable distance. The Resort has traditional accommodation manner like Village appearance of living, cushions and beds with ethnic designs and walls entirely done with terracotta. The living accommodations are under two options as: Rich styled hut i.e. Darbari Bhunga and the AC Bhunga. The amenities are all well mannered according to modern customs. It’s all time meal ready for the corresponding times. Evening folklore traditions will add up more vibrant to your spirit. The minimal distance of the Resort form the white desert makes this place more selectable as it forms a venue so important. There are relevant packages to choose with Kutch Rann Resort.

Rann Visamo Village Stay

Rann Visamo Village StayThe Rann Visamo is a cottage styled resort constructed by the Meghwar Family. This maneuvers a popular village stay concept, traditional and strong Bhunga huts suitable throughout the year. Visamo in Gujarati exemplifies as “cottage for stay”, have a terracotta concept applied in that gives warmth to escape climatic issues. Cuisines include Kutchi/Gujarati food with special Jain food according to necessity.

Rann Village Resort

Rann Village Resort
This Beautiful Resort of Kutch is located in Bhirandiara Kutch. The ambience of the Rann Village gets to be aligned just like a village. It has monotonous surrounding of Bhunga (Huts). The conical roof top brings exceptional scene when viewed from distant. The Place is tidy and food amenities are included in the overall charges of the resort. It depends over how many members are there along. Cultural programs and other folk musicals are performed for celebrating every night. Also corresponding guides are made available for sightseeing.

Kutch Resort


The captivating Kutch Resort dwells in Dhordo Village which is 7Km away from Rann Utsav. With beautifully isolated Bhunga huts, the ambience is decorated with perfect grasses and walk around places. The Resort has grateful amenities to get with, like lush garden and children’s playground accommodation with a seating area, best washroom amenities. Also Bed linen is available; Guests here can enjoy the on-site restaurant. With good meal options, guests can enjoy their meals accordingly. Can reach the Rann Utsav and feel the celebration of White Desert.
These Resorts have aced the village living style concept. Plan a pleasant stay at Kutch. Have a happy stay.

Toran Resort

Toran-resortThe outstanding Kutch has phenomenal living stay resorts. A resort with chosen outing plans and sightseeing can add more value to your visit. One such Resort ‘The Toran Resort’ a Gujarat Tourism Affiliated Resort will add stars to your sky.  The resort dwells near to Kala Dungar, in Dhorbana – Khavda district. It has a handful of Kutch Traditions maneuvered in. With Attires and Vogue, this Resort stands more captivating in Kutch’s best Resorts. Contemporary style of living in the Timeworn Bhungas can absolutely make you go fanciful.  With accommodation customs suiting your best needs like the AC/NON AC Bhunga, and Dormitory style of custom. With living styles, it also has some excellent food in Kutchi Style.

Rann Kandhi Resort

rann-kandhiThis resort is situated in Gorevali village, 3Km away from the Tent City Dhordo, which makes it an ideal location with scenic views to glam the stay. With Traditional huts, and Kutchi handicrafts, the Resort entitles with all modern features and stay amenities. The surrounding of resort has been recreated as an eco friendly village like a societal community. By evening folklore programs make the ambience more captivating. Camel Safari is one such program conducted for a delightful stay. The ideal stay time is during the end of the year with relative climatic changes the temperature fall upto minimum 15°C. All major destinations like White Rann, Bhuj, Chari-Dhand wetland conservation reserve, Black hill all reside at a relevant distance.