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Touring Rann Of Kutch – Sights & Sounds of the Desert

The Pure White mesmerizing view with a mild spread of the vermillion orange chroma of the Sun, this scenic beauty can be experienced every year in the Land Of Kutch. The Northern sea bank of Kutch, in the popular state of Gujarat, has been an outstanding place of Visit asserting an exceptional nature’s play. The Rann of Kutch, that are the marsh wet area of salts accumulated at places over a stretch of 30,000Km2, makes it a breathtaking landscape and a beautiful inspiration for Rann Utsav, organized every year by Gujarat Tourism.

Rann of Kutch Tour can get you the best of cultures, tradition and a whole lot of love unconditional and mere connection with nature. The white lands turn most distinguished as the Rann of Kutch transforms its sea banks into salt encrusted desert usually at times of winter (November to February), making it a rare occasion to watch. Rann Utsav celebrated here, is a Desert inspired Season of Festival that has varying reasons to make it a perfect winter destination. Although it’s not a Sand accustomed Desert, Camels and cracked land will make you feel no lesser than a desert so offbeat.

The stretch of white desert can be witnessed from a high peak at a place called ‘Kala Dungar’ (Black hill), which is about 97Km from Bhuj. It is the highest peak of Kutch with some passé histories to get you inspired. The Rann can be experienced more aberrant with tents and shelter spots right in the middle of the nowhere. Well it merely seems nowhere, as it lays isolated over the cracked land with no herbs and shrubs to match the leisure of nature. Same is the city of ‘Dhordo’, a pleasant leisure suburb that abode manmade tents of all sizes, festooned with enticing vibrant colors and abstract shapes.

Dhordo beckons a colorful ambience of celebration on the white plain land, making it an absolute contrast with nature. Celebrating the culture & tradition with music, colors, and loads of happiness, Dhordo forms the gateway to the Rann with utmost clash. Dhordo beholds the entirety of Kutch tour with drastic cultural happenings. To experience this surrealistic nature, people from all around the world convene to be a part of the Desert Festival (Rann Utsav). It’s not only this vivid spree, but the hospitality of Kutchis (the people of Kutch) that intensify this festivity with high spirits.

The ambience during this winter festival goes intense with a temperature down to 5° C, a frozen view making it contradictory with the white salt instead of snow. Bonfires and music galas – ‘the native folklores of the Kutchis’ and the outstanding heavy cuisine of this land will make you never leave this place, though far away from all the worldly pleasures.

Kutch is seemingly the wonderful place of amalgamation where you can witness contrasting amenities like the strange salt desert and the reliving ethics and traditions of the Kutchis. The Expressive tradition with the hospitality of people is one and the cultural ecstasy with crafting amenities is another, Kutch is an enchanted land that has wonders of nature with exuberant civility. And with all this, Kutch Tourism contemplates all facets of Kutch touring more assisting and conducive. Experience the ubiquity of nature and boundless grace of humanity in Kutch.