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A Look at Modern Gujarat on the Foundation Day

gujarat foundation day
1st May is here and do you know which day it is? Well, if you can’t recall it, let me tell you, it is 57th foundation day of the state of Gujarat.

When we hear the word Gujarat, the first thing comes into our mind is “Development” & “Ideal Gujarat Model”. Ever since this state is founded, it has developed in rapid speed by day & night. People always give the example of “Gujarat Model” when they talk about development and traditions.

Let me mention here that Gujarat is said to be the center of Indus Valley Civilization. This has started from “Sindhu Sanskriti”. After that, Gurjara people came here and ruled. The State took its name from the Gujara, the land of the Gujjars. After Gujjaras, Islam Sultanate, Mughals, Marathas, Europeans, and Britishers took over the state. Finally “Quit India Movement” started to get independence from British people in which was led by the famous Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel. In the year 1948, after India got Independence, to integrate the entire Gujarati speaking population under one administrative body, a Mahagujarat conference took place and they finally decided to split the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra on May 1, 1960.

When we are celebrating Gujarat’s 56th birthday, what are the facts that you need to know? Mostly known for cultural values and tradition, the state Gujarat is most popular for the attractive and fascinating wonders that invite every tourist to visit once. Gujarat is a blend of modern and traditional constructions and one can see several marvels around. Here is the list of various attractive sites in Gujarat that every tourist should see.

  • Heritage city of Ahmedabad
  • Palaces and forts in Baroda
  • Somnath Mahadev Temple
  • Dwarka
  • Haji Pir Dargah in Kutch
  • Gir national park
  • Kutch Desert wildlife sanctuary
  • Brada wildlife sanctuary
  • Gandhi ashram
  • Sabarmati ashram
  • White desert of Kutch
  • And many more.

Travelers can make sure that they explore the alluring destination Gujarat on its Foundation day and even see all ancient wonders along with spectacular locations in this beautiful state. To turn on your holiday in to a memorable experience, contact Kutch Tour Guide on +91 72288 61116 today.