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Gujarat’s First 5-Day Beach Festival

Gujarat Beach Festival
The state of Gujarat is well known for its some of its pristine beaches. Having 1600 kilometers long coastline, there has to be a certain way to utilize it. Beaches like Mandvi have always been unspoilt traveler’s destination. They can rival any of the finest beaches around the country with a strong competition. To take the fullest benefit of these beaches with an intention to put forward the mesmerizing charm them, the Government of Gujarat is going to organize a five day long beach festival along the state.

What is Gujarat Beach Festival?

The Government of Gujarat has taken the charge of attracting more and more tourists to the state and as the part of this program, this Gujarat Beach Festival has been organized. It is going to start on 14th May, 2016 and will go on till 18th May, 2016.As it is the first time, 5 beaches will be hosting the festival which are Mandvi, Veraval, Tithal, Madhavpur and Shivrajpur.

Attraction of Gujarat Beach Festival

This festival looks very interesting because of the whole schedule and planning. This 5 day beach festival will be marked by various activities like,

  • Zorbing
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Pier climbing
  • Commando Net
  • And many more

Apart from these activities, adventure and water sports activities will also be available for tourists during the Gujarat Beach Festival.To make tourists more entertained, musical concert nights, folk dance, singing performances, traditional dayro, traditional garba are have also been organized.

Other attractions include food court where tourists can enjoy tasty local food and the famous Gujarati Handicraft market where people would be able to buy all those famous arts and crafts things. Because of the vacation period, the government has also planned children activities like painting, horse riding, and camel riding.

All and all, this 5-day Gujarat Beach Festival seems to be huge attraction for tourists across the country and ought to be a perfect small family trip where you can have some memorable moments.To book your trips in advance or for further details of the festival, you can contact Kutch Tour Guide.