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A Visit to Windfarm Beach – Mandvi

Mandvi_BeacMandvi is a port city located in the western part in the district of Kutch. This city is famous for its clean, virgin beach and old ship-building yard. This city was the heart of import-export business centuries before. If you are on a visit to Kutch, you must visit its famous windfarm beach if you are on a tour of “White Rann of Kutch”.

Beaches have always allured people towards calm and peaceful environment. Windfarm beach, as the name suggest, has windmills that are lined up at one end of the beach that generates electricity for the area around. Once upon a time, it was the largest windfarm in Asia. It’s awesome and one of the best beach in Gujarat where you can spend a beautiful evening with your dear and near ones.


Apart from scenic beauty, there are a lot of fun activities and attractions that you can engage in at Mandvi beach. They are,

  • Camel ride
  • Horse riding
  • Parasailing
  • Water sports
  • Surfing and skiing etc.

Don’t forget to eat yummy and spicey boiled chickpea at seashore if you are a food lover!

Other things to do

  • You can visit Vijay Vilas Palace which is situated at Mandvi beach. It is an amazing depiction of fusion architecture. Here you can choose to stay at beach resort.
  • Visiting old ship building yard will be one of the good memories for you. Well, if you love adventures, you can try climbing one of the under construction ship at this yard.
  • If you are on a visit to Mandvi and you do not eat Dabeli, you are missing the fun! Kutchi dabeli have become one of the top street food in India and this dish had been invented in Mandvi city. So you must taste it once.

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