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Come home to mandvi a home where sea meet to your soul at seashore


Travelling Gujarat and the Kutch in particular is a delight in itself. While people have often raved about the beauty of the Rann of Kutch at length, what they fail to laud is the effortless nature of one’s travels in Kutch, courtesy the flawless roads that greet you throughout your journey. Blessed are those individuals who have, with hard work and sweat, ensure that these roads turn out to be great. This allowed us to cover nearly all of Western Kutch in a little over twelve hours, which is a considerable amount of time saved. It is also advisable that to save this amount of time or an equivalent, one can hire a private taxi.

While there were various other avenues open to us, the lure of witnessing the much appreciated and often discussed beauty of Mandvi beach eventually got to us and we got off at the road leading the Mandvi. Your only option to reach the port is via public transport which will leave you at the desired place in about an hour and a half. Another more expensive option is getting a shared jeep, which will certainly cost you substantially more, while the former will take up to seventy Indian Rupees.

Mandvi once held the honour of being a major port in the region. It has now settled down to be one busy shipbuilding yard with scores of men involved in crafting out the most exquisite wooden boats that foray into the wild sea bravely. This is the glorious Arabian Sea that braces its shoulder against the state of Gujarat as its coastline. However, near Mandvi, the sea lies dormant and peaceful for most of the time and ideal for long walks filled with tranquil silence in the evenings and watching the sunset.

While people often mistake Mandvi to simply comprise of the Mandvi Beach and the port, the place actually has several tourist destinations which you can spend an entire day visiting. The ship making yard is not one to miss, especially for enthusiasts. One can even go for a swim on the beach to let off steam. The Wind Farm beach, the most prominent of all, is one that certainly attracts tourist with its old school charm. There are old windmills that are lined up across the length of the beach, creating an old-school ambience that is hard to resist. The Mandvi beach remains popular as ever. There are several water sports that people can also indulge in, not available everywhere as those travelling Gujarat would know.

Such is the experience that it sweeps you away.