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Chari Dhandh

is the topic discussed below. This Lonely Place is really enjoyable and it is especially for an individual who steps out in chase of the fauna and flamingoes inhabiting at the Wetland Conservation Reserve of Chanri-Dhand. Here’s a first-hand account. Chari dhand is a place in Kutch region of Gujarat state.

It’s almost 4am and I am driving on a land that looks aloof like a Martian planet. The parched, greyish earth over I am driving is the Rann of Kutch. With no maps, or signals, and even no GPS or roads to take us to the intended place. The region is already a lot famous for its utsav and in addition now famous for flamingos.

Being consecrated with the saintly sight of enormous group of flamingos at Lake Neruru, Kenya, my urge for catching a sight of them in the India was raised further. Perhaps, this brought me to the tantalizingly gorgeous landscape in the countryside – Rann of Kutch. I am out at dawn in search of flamingoes and I’m clueless about the place which is located in the midst of Rann, also it is a lesser known place popularly called Chari-Dhand Wetland Conservation Reserve.

It does find a citation in the voyage map of Kutch, but looking at the barrenness of the place, one can realize, that it is a not as much travelled. Kutch travel guide is the most essential of all these above things.

It was clear night, but dark, lonely and the area was all scorched and worn out, yet dreamlike. I started to follow the wheel tracks since I had no idea of where to head on plus there were no maps with me. Just to assure that I come back via the same route, I put piles of rock or the parched soil, at every twirl I take.

An amazing idea struck my mind after a couple of hours; it was to find the exceptional Grey Hypocolius, common to the Banni Grasslands (btw Chari-Dhand is a division of Banni Grasslands) hit my mind. I applied the unique blend of my birding facts and Neeladri’s familiarityand looked here and there for the berry tree, which is usually house to this exceptional bird. Although I couldn’t find this uncommon bird, I spectacled the roll of a Stoliczka’s Bushchat, fudging its route past me. As I go ahead, I spot a tiny tailed eagle, some raptors and a buzzard balanced on top of a tree.

Often, people go to such wonderful places to rejuvenate and relax. For me the way back was pretty much amazing because of the sunshine and beautiful surroundings.