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Little Rann of Kutch is the topic discussed below. As well know about Kutch as a place of attraction as it entertains us every year with the name of Rann utsav which occurs or is organized every year at the time of months scheduled from December to January. People started to move in large number due to this festival. It became famous worldwide too. People started moving to this place from all over the world. This made Kutch more and more famous for tourism. Gujarat’s one by fourth of revenue is set by the place called Kutch. In addition to this many other places have been discovered in and around Kutch to make it more special. In such places it is now the turn of a wild sanctuary that became famous including the resort in Dasada.

An institution called IIMA is developed recently and started concentrating on these tourist spots to develop and also provide them any help if possible in addition to this it had organized a Development workshop included with leadership for the students who had their PGPX over the weekend of October month. As the venue was finalized as the Rann employs started screaming with joy. This is said to be the most famous resort in that place provided with all other facilities that a resort is said to have. This resort is a little away from the Kutch’s wild sanctuary which has a type of opening in it that makes you identify it as a resort. Little rann of Kutch is said to be an important spot by all the people who provide tourism as they earn a lot of money in that way too.

The resort is a regular venue for many tourists and also for people who come from other parts of the world and think of having a place to enjoy. Now a days these resorts have become a favorite spot for corporate companies to conduct some awareness programs and make themselves relaxed too. The employees of those companies really feel better coming there. The institute also gets a good corporate discount when compared to the original rate of the resort.. The resort is also popular with folks who entertain you by many aspects and also guide you about the place. As we just discussed about a wild ass sanctuary that comes in the way of reaching resort. This wild ass sanctuary is quite famous in that region that has many varieties of animals and some animals that are really in a danger of extinction too. This has been a lot famous equal to Kutch’s Rann utsav.  Few team building activities are also organized to create enthusiasm in employs and make them perfect in all aspects.