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Chattardi: Royal Umbrellas of Bhuj

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Bhuj city is the access point to Kutch district and is the capital of this district. It is a city of many royal sites such as palaces, darbargadh, lakes, and chattardi. If you are on the visit to Bhuj, then the road to Royal Chattardi leads from Hamirsar Lake. Royal Chatarrdisor Royal cenotaph are one of the very popular site here. It is built of red stones. “Chatarrdi” in local language means Umbrella. Here you will see a number of Royal umbrellas which are constructed by royal kings to protect and provide shade to the dead royals.

These chatarrdi are built in 1770 AD to glorify the tombs of the Royal family. It has polygonal shape with intricately carved roofs and may balconies. Some of the impressive and largest tombs are of Rao Lakha Rao Rayadhan, Rao Desai and Rao Pragmal.

Bollywood at Chattardi

This place is so beautiful and royal that even one of the biggest Bollywood movie “Hum Dil De ChukeSanam” was shot here. Basically, this site gained importance when this film was shot here.

Chattardi Lake

Bhuj Chattardi also has a small surrounding lake which is adjoined by city’s famous Hamirsar Lakewhere people prefer to swim in summer season and women do their laundry. Chattardi Lake gets most of its water from overflowed HamirsarLake in monsoon.

Seeing the sunset from here is an amazing and memorable experience. However, some of its part are damaged in 2001 Earthquake but still it gives you mesmerizing experience when you walk around, admire the ruins/sculptures and take yourself back in time.This place has serene atmosphere during most of the day time. One of the good idea is to visit this place between 12 to 4 when other places shuts down in the lunch timings.So, plan your vacation to Kutch this year and enjoy this land of Cultures and traditions. Kutch Tour Guide is one of the top travel consultancies of Kutch and offers different Kutch tour packages to choose from. For more details on these packages you can contact us or visit our website.