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Customized Tour Packages to a Land of Cultures: Kutch

CUSTOMIZED KUTCH TOUR PACKAGESBollywood superstar Amitabh Bacchan has said, “Kutch Nahi Dekha To Kuch Nahi Dekha”, but we, at Kutch Tour Guide being one of the top Kutch travel consultants, will say “Kutch NahiDekha to BahotKuchNahiDekha”. Kutch has hidden and undiscovered treasures. It is spread over more than 45000 Sq. Km. and is India’s largest district with different cultures and traditions seamlessly mixed in each other.

Some of the eye popping attractions of Kutch area are, White Rann of Kutch, Historic Dholavira – The Harappan Site, Wild Ass Sanctuary, Black Hill – The KaloDungar, Number of Palaces, The Famous Mandvi Beach, NrayanSarovar, Swami Narayan Temple Bhuj and many more. The famous Kutch Festival, RannUtsav is held during the month of November to February every year. This is the best time to visit this land as it is the time of winter and it gives the best experience to travel different destinations here. Full Moon Night at white dessert in RannUtsav 2015-16 will be the best time to visit. Handicraft materials of Kutch region are world famous and exported to various countries also. Visitors can buy them at villages here like, Bhujodi.

Kutch Tour Guide is one of the top Travel Consultancy in Kutch and we specialize in great deals and Customized Package to Kutch. Get best Kutch Tour Package with Kutch Tour Guide and we guarantee you that it will be the unforgettable experience for your lifetime. Following are the different packages that are made for each of the different requirements of tourists:

Each of the package are specially tailored that will offer you the full glimpse of Kutch. And yes, we offer all these packages with the best and never before offered rates. For more details or for bookings of Rann Utsav 2015-16, you can contact us at or simply call us at +91 81283 61116.