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Kutch tour guide offers you one of the best tour place – Narayan Sarovar


The topic under discussion is all about Narayan Sarovar. Narayan Sarovar is generally a beautiful place located in Kutch District of Gujarat state at a small distance of about 153 kilo meters from Bhuj which is the denser region and also has a railway station and around 4 kilo meters from the old Koteshwar temple, is one of the most sacred places for all the pilgrims and is only for Hindus.

The lake called narayan sarovar is one of the five holy lakes for Hindus, along with Manasarovar which is present in Tibet, Pampa which is present in Karnataka, Bhuvaneshwar which is present in Orissa and Pushkar which is present in Rajasthan, and finds its meaning in Shrimad Bhagvat. Kutch tour travel guide also helps us a lot in exploring Kutch of Gujarat state. Narayan Sarovar simply means the Lake of Narayan i.e. Vishnu (king of gods).

Kutch tour travel guide is also a lot helpful as he is the one who makes us feel free and routes there can be known easily. The legend just says simply that one of the rivers in India that are mainly holy, the river that is named after Sarasvati River is an excellent river and is also having an out let into sea water at an important place where present day Narayan Sarovar is present and in addition the lake water was entirely filled with holy water of the above discussed River Sarasvati, that is the only reason that is responsible for making this lake important for Hindus.