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Best Places to Visit in Kutch

BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN KUTCHLocated on the western coast of India, Kutch is the largest district of this country covering 45,652 Sq. Km. Overshadowed by neighboring Rajasthan, Kutch has some amazing tourist places with diverse attractions such as colors, wildlife, temples, architecture and handicrafts. It is sometimes described as India’s “Wild West”. Away from the major cities, it is worth exploring Kutch region once. There are a number of places in Kutch that every tourist must visit. Today, we are going to discuss about Best places to Visit in Kutch.

White Rann


This desert stretches across India and Pakistan. The best time to visit Kutch is October to March when the famous Rann Utsav is held in the Great Rann of Kutch around the full moon. A moonlight night on the Kutch can perhaps unlock the answer to your existence in case you are seeking one. Apart from it, this desert is also famous for its wild ass sanctuary.

Black Hill


If you are a trekking lover, then Black Hill, a.k.a. Kalo Dungar is the perfect destination for you. It is the highest point in Kutch. On a sunny day, it offers breathtaking views of the Great Rann of Kutch and also Pakistan till some extent. If you are lucky enough, you will also get a chance to watch the wild Jackals.

Narayan Sarovar


Narayan Sarovar is also known as Narayansar and located in Lakhpat taluka. It is a beautiful area with multiple holy lakes according to Hinduism. Temple here have a legend associated with it. Another nearby temple, Koteshwar will definitely remind you of Kanya Kumari. Tourist can also enjoy bird watching and wildlife around Narayan Sarovar.

Mandvi Beach


City of Mnadvi is located at a distance of 56 km. from Bhuj. Mandvi is famous as “Paris of Kutch” among travelers. Walking on the beach in Mandvi, watching windmills and birds gives you a soothing experience. You will never forget camel and horse ride at this beautiful seashore.

Vijay Vilas Palace Mandvi


Kutch is also famous for Royal palaces build with different architectural styles. Vijay Vilas Palace Mandvi is one of the best palaces in Kutch. It is spread across 450 acres of lush greenery, with approximately 2 km of private beach and private sanctuary. This palace unleashes a romantic person in you. Many famous Bollywood films have been shot at this palace.

Kutch is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful travel destination that every tourist must visit once. It gives opportunity to every type of tourist to enjoy from adventurous dessert and hills to holy places to beautiful beaches.