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How about a Hassle Free White Rann Visit? Now, you can own your permit by registering online.

Visiting Rann? Get an online pass to visit the White Rann now. Yes you heard that right!! When the whole nation is going digitalized, The White Rann Permit can really be the one you might go surprised with.

Online Permits – Why such an initiative?

Previously, The Permits were only made available with the Bhirandiyara Check Post for every kind of tourist visiting the Rann. And during festive times, Bhirandiyara Check Post has been witnessing a numerous visitors flocking to see the incredible Desert view.  It is more of hurdle when people get with the permits through a single check post in order to make the further travelling worth. And for some cases, people would be totally new to wonder that they have to avail a permit for the same after covering a large distance from the check post, they’d simply have to return back to get the permit made.

It is Shri Joshi’s initiative from Bhuj, who made it possible to get with an online permit for entering the White Rann if youre nationality is Indian. You can simply get with the online website and set your visitors profile accordingly to get the permit to witness the gorgeous White Rann.

Being at one corner of the Active area of Kutch forming 80 km distance outskirts of Bhuj, there were certain issues during registrations for tourist passes through the Check Post which resulted failure at some times, it was more of a connectivity problem with the outskirts of Bhuj where the Rann starts. So, creating new norms for convenient touring abilities was the only option.

Online Permits are safe and hassle free

The Rann Permit is now online, and you can simply make yourself register here in advance so that you can go drive straight on to the sea-bed and witness the beautiful White Salt Line of Kutch.

Simply log on to the website and click on Get Your Permit if you’re an Indian National. Fill the profile accordingly regarding your stay duration and number of members with you. Get your government issued identity file to attest in and valid credentials to the contact details. If you’re going to drive in with your vehicle set the mandatory fields for your vehicle details. Proceed with payments and avail your permit online. And that’s it you’re done. It’s a worriless hassle free initiative that can significantly minimize time and effort to get with the Rann Permits. Go digitalized with your Kutch Tour.


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