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Kite Flying 2015 at Rann of Kutch in its Own Tradition and Color


Gujarat is having its own color of tradition and festival. The Kite festival yea! You heard that right. Its the festival when everybody flies kite and enjoy the festival. in other word its called Makar Sankranti and having various treands to celebrate but in Gujarat people flies the kite and enjoy the day.

White Rann of Kutch Gujarat otherwise called a Great Rann of Kutch Gujarat and Little Rann of Kutch India. It is fibulas spot to visit in Gujarat India. White Desert Rann of Kutch is an unfathomable salt forsake in around 16000 sq. kilometers.

Kite-flying is a significant celebration in Gujarat and independent of class and religion; individuals from all kinds of different backgrounds take part. An assemblage of kite festival 2015, in the same way as the star kite, parachute kite, snake kite, haze kite, falcon kite, delta kite, sparrow kite, doll kite and seeker kite, improved the sky, interesting the onlookers. There is much distinctive sort of kites Design on the sky like Octopus Kite Design, Teddy Bear, Car Shape sort, butterfly, Cartoon sort likewise there.

The kite flying celebration will see an investment of 120 kite-flyers from the eight conditions of India and 74 remote kite-flyers. The kite celebration Organized on 13th of January 2015 at Mandavi shoreline and at white rann of Kutch. There are numerous individuals to visit this Kite Festival 2015 at White Rann of Kutch.

Individuals position close to an auto formed kite at the International Kite Festival at white Rann of Kutch TRAVEL, The International Kite Flying Festival has turned into a Very mainstream and effective occasion and is a piece of the Gujarat state Tourism’s plan to create fairs and celebration to stage and advance the society.

White Sand Rann of Kutch TRAVEL found approx 85 kilometers from Bhuj. It is best approached from Dhordo Kutch. You can achieve White Desert Rann of Kutch from Bhuj in approx 1 and half hours.