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Narayan Sarovar
Sanctuary also has an another beautiful name called as the Narayan Sarovar Chinkara Sanctuary is generally called as the most popular and famous animal sanctuaries in Gujarat. The so called popular Sanctuary was set up and finally built on April month and in the year 1981 but it was clearly modified in the year 1995 and the land area inside the park was totally reduced and space for new animals is provided including space for their water supply. The sanctuary is generally located around the arid region of Gujarat and when we try to concentrate on its location aspect then we can say that it is present at Lakhpat Taluk, mainly inside the Kutch district of Gujarat state, India.

The desert sanctuary thai is so called as historic one is considered to be one of the best all over India and it is situated in the arid zone of India as said before. The park is considered a part of the local land that is wet and is said to provide shelter and as an museum for over thousands of species in the world from all over the region. The Wildlife Institute of India (WII) which is most famous institute has identified this sarovar as the largest remaining habitat that has more number of cheetahs not seen in any other place locally.

Kutch tour travel also helps you to get to know about this sarovar. According to experts and their words we can know that sanctuary has an advantage of introducing cheetahs when these become extinct in other sanctuaries. Poachers who are local and expansion of human race in the form of cutting down trees and settlement of themselves in those areas and activities such as mining and digging after notification that has shown you the loss in the form of sanctuary in which we can feel that size has reduced a lot in the last decade. A guide is currently required to all of the people who travel to kutch and move on to these places and to know deeply about these issues.

Current Status of narayan sarovar and also Kutch:

Kutch has now become a famous tourist spot by providing employment to various employs as guides and providing mental relief to various tourists including another tourist spot called Narayan Sarovar now houses are present in number more than 15 different species of flora and fauna that belong to the species that are in a danger of extinction. The animals that are present inside this sanctuary are protected in a high level as they may extinct if killed. Keeping this as main aim government also established various sanctuaries not only to save animals but also flowers that are in danger of extinction.