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Kutch’s treasure- The White Desert


What is the Great Rann of Kutch? It is a beautiful expanse of land that stretches endlessly. One might wonder what is the scenic value of such a landscape, with nothing but endless white sand all around and nothing or no one in sight as far as your eyes can go. However, it is this solidarity and pristine nature of this place that makes it a sight to feast your eyes upon, especially under the influence of the moon light.

What makes it truly beautiful is the glow that the entire land permeates, shining softly. A small stroll under the moon light will make your realize how the entire place comes to life, glowing incessantly under the mighty moon.

The expanse of this land is remarkable. It is the largest salt desert anywhere in the world, spanning an area of over 16,000 square kilometres. The White Desert in the Rann of Kutch is entirely underwater during the monsoon, and for the remaining part of the year, an endless stretch of imposing white salt that glimmers under the soft moon light. We at Kutch Tour Guide assist you with your Online Booking for packages during winter and summer, including tour packages, Kutch tour guides, tent bookings etc. The best way to reach The White Desert is via road. It is hardly a distance of nearly ninety kilometres from Bhuj if you plan on taking the Dhordo road.

At an equal distance of nearly ninety kilometres is the apex point of Kutch. This is known as the Black Hill or the Kalo Dungar. The view from this point is breathtaking where the entire Rann of Kutch is exposed to your greedy eyes to feast upon. The lake blends in with the desert to furnish a sight that is etched into the memory of every tourist.

The only hiccup you might face while visiting the White Desert is that due to its sensitive nature and the Pakistani border that is very close to the region, security is a paramount issue. Hence, for visiting, one must acquire a written permission to gain entry. The same will be obtained from the office of the Gujarat Police in Bhuj.

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