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Bhunga A modern traditional home from the way of Kutch


To make a tasteful spot to live which additionally give cover from compelling seasons the Bhunga a roundabout place 10 meter daimeter fabricated with Mad Weed Matti. The conventional Bhunga is a building marvel. The thickness of that divider keeps cool in summer. The mud floorscape organized in differed levels of pliriths and stages slowly climb vertically to structure the dividers of round house. The top was made out from grass. Halajee who moved from sindha is accepted to begin this kind of Bhunga 300 Years prior. Marwada additionally come and settle around there known as a “Banni”. “Banni” Area has around 3847 sq. km., 34 towns and 35 thousand populace.

Visitor Interest

Going by craftsmen homes and shops. Evening at White Desert. Ways of life of Rabari Mutava to watch. Staying one day will give a life time experience cost Rs. 3500 every Bhunga for 2 Adults with veg. sustenance.

The customary round “Bhungas” (mud huts) that stood firm when everything else caved in around them could by and by spot the shake attacked Kutch area of Gujarat.

A couple of heavenly “Bhungas” that stayed in the damp Banni territory after its inhabitants went in for “cutting edge” houses are generally looked upon as a ‘building miracle’.