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Bhuj- The Heart of Kutch


When you embark on a Kutch tour, preferably during the Rann Utsav 2014-15, there is much to see and much to explore that you might miss out on. In an effort to bring to your knowledge, the various wonders that the Rann of Kutch can throw at you, here is a little something about Bhuj.

The land of Bhuj is a link to civilizations both new and old with its various attractions. The most prominent district in this region, here you will find the key to the ancient days and the town that prospered under the Indus Valley Civilization, known as Dholavira. It is the home of the Harappan culture, one of the earliest civilizations anywhere in the world. The region is widely lauded as one of the best constructed ancient cities and well planned system with a brilliant drainage system that is second to none, the confirmation of which lies in the disclosures of the different unearthings, uncovered for the world to see. The aged Indus script, still not interpret and the coins initiate in this district are additionally in presentation, as are the devices created by the Harappans for simple livies, generous the guest a research the quick personalities of the populace of the Harappan civilzation. While on your way to the Rann Utsav 2014-15, do not fail to make your way to Dholavira and bask in the glory of the ingenious Harappans.

While on the Kutch Tour, you may also come across various other wonders that a weekend getaway to Bhuj will treat you to. You can also walk around the Hall of Mirrors, called the Aina Mahal. The Bell Tower at the Prag Mahal offers a truly beautiful sight as you climb all the way to the top and feast your eyes on the land of Kutch.

Your Kutch Tour must not be devoid of the delicious Kutchi treats one can never get enough of. As you strool through the market stocking the traditional handicrafts and artefacts that Kutch is renowned for, you must sample the famous Kutchi Pav Bhaji. The Kutch museum is another highlight of your trip to Bhuj, home to the various inscriptions of the ancient times.

If you choose to visit Bhuj during the Rann Ustav 2014-15, you’re in for a treat, for the district is bathed in the glory of the annual Rann Utsav.

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