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Kutch pottery
is the topic that is going to be discussed below. As we all know Kutch has become famous in the aspect of entertaining many people as the famous rann utsav is held there. People not only from our country but also people from worldwide are very much interested and are really showing enthusiasm to attend this event. This made it more famous and this was the only important reason to make it popular in that way. From the last year it has become more famous in all aspects and the places that are located beside it also gained utmost importance in all the aspects. We all heard a point that many events are said to be held in Kutch which also includes a type of handicrafts exhibition. In the same way Kutch the place which helps in adding revenue to the state is also said to be famous in the aspect of pottery. Kutch pottery is slowly gaining its fame all over the world. The arts and crafts from the region of Kutch are said to be well known today. There is a lot of interest in the products such as pottery, weave prints handmade clothes and decorative items not only in India but in whole world. From all the above arts the one which gets recognition and fame is pottery.

Recognizing the art of ancient pottery

Kutch Pottery has a great history in the region of Gujarat state. As we all know that pottery is an ancient art which used to be encouraged at the time of kingdoms where people used to make it as a business. It was that time where people used to get heavy profits on this aspect. The products of pottery used to be painted with color and sold in market. Now a days pottery products are said to be in danger of extinction as steel products have dominated them. Even now some people have craze on pottery and buy those products. Pottery products are said to be excavated from the archaeological site of Dholavira, an ancient city which has equal tourist intake equal to Kutch’s rann utsav which is present in the city of Kutch. Kutch pottery is mostly seen in Dholavira.

Exhibition is also conducted from January to march of every year in state of Gujarat mainly in the region of Kutch to know about the pottery there. People who come from all the corners of the world get indulged and are about to know the greatness of Kutch pottery. During the time of exhibition people see sale in large scale of their products which include decorative items too. Foreigners mainly show excitement in purchasing the decorative items. Exhibition is also the main reason to make Kutch pottery famous.