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Rann 2016You might have various options in front of you, for enjoying yourselves. But, it is damn sure, that no other option, than visiting Kutch, can give you extreme happiness and perfectness.

If you are fond of exploring greatest beaches, archaeological sites, divine places, traditional culture and history, then Kutch is so right option, for spending your time at any instant.

But, if you decide to visit Kutch during winters, then you will be truly blessed. As, foremost reason to visit Kutch in winters, is its biggest festival Rann Utsav, set up by Govt. of Gujarat, in months of December, January, till March.

Rann Utsav is set up, at biggest salt desert called great Rann of Kutch, biggest speciality of Kutch. Words are not enough, to describe its beauty and vastness.

They does everything to make this festival awesome and complete, with exciting events and moments, which are breath-taking.

List of activities carried out at Rann Utsav are: camel ride, varying Guajarati food, born fire, star gazing, Archery, Rifle shooting, Gujarati garba and Dandiya raas, handicraft displays, games for  kid’s, spa, meditation centre, parasailing, bike rides etc., which are hard to explain here in words.

You also don’t have to worry about residing, as finely ornamented bhungas are there, for staying lavishly. You will be lost, in the beauty of, marvellous crystals of salt, shining at full moon nights.

If, you have not attended previous Rann Utsav festivals, then you have missed so much fun definitely. But, if you don’t want to miss the golden opportunity this year, then be quick, and make your bookings with Kutch tour guide.

Kutch tour guide can provide you online Rann Utsav tour packages, at affordable prices, with full on guidance, and support in accommodation, travels etc., to make your journey best one till now.