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Places of Kutch, are well famous for their every aspect and individuality, which they maintain for themselves.

Lakhpat town is the best example, which portrays its richness, through its historical invigorated walls, tombs, residences of ancient kings etc., which reminds us, of all the old beliefs.

Lakhpat is also sub district of Kutch, which has its location at the opening of estuary, i.e. a rivulet provoked by the water tides, in the huge Rann of Kutch. Lakhpat has its specialfort walls,belonging to 17th century, which surrounds it tightly, as are 7km extended.

Rice was the chief ingredient, which was used to become income generator for people of Lakhpat. As, they used to nurture rice, for getting the annual revenue, up to 800,000 Koris.

Earlier, it used to hold a huge number of residents, around 15000, which helped in generating yearly income of Rs. 60000. But, after its heavy earthquake, it has undergone loses of people and ports.

One of great places, which can be enjoyed there is Pir Ghaus Muhammad tomb, created by Bava mia, in memory of his brother, Pir Ghaus Muhammad, who used to be a saint and Syyed in that era, having best mystic powers. It is a beautiful tomb, which has its octagonal shape, and is finely ornamented, using combination of flowers and leaves. There is also a water tank, just opposite of this tomb, which is used to offer curative solutions, for different diseases.

Another divine place for Sikhs is Lakhpat Gurudwara Sahib, which has remnants in form of footwears and palkhi.

There are more places likeRao Lakhpatji, Hazrat Pir Abu Turab Kadri, Guru Nanak Dev ji etc., which can give you pleasing moments to spend there.

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