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Plan a holiday at white desert: Spectacular and Thrilling

Calendar this year has been generous enough to give long weekends. Hence planning a mini vacation was kind of easy. Not only adults, even kids need break from their routine. So all the friends gathered and were pondering about where to spend these lovely holidays. So as we were asking our dear Google baba about latest holiday destination, we came across Rann of Kutch Utsav.

Leading Traveller Magazine of India National Geographic Traveller India Recently published that December 2018 issue, and we have been featured with that and Ru Pay Travel Tales. Since Government of India Promoting Cashless – Digital India, They have written about Explore the Sights of Bhuj and Kutch cashless! It is very well mentioned and crafted by Ishani Chatterji, We are thankful to her for featuring our Brand Name in one of Prominent Magazine of India.

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As we read more about this festival, it holds our attention towards it. It is very famous though but those spectacular moments that were posted on their website were truly mesmerizing. Rann of Kutch Utsav occurs once in a year and it is filled with lots of excitement and fun. In the chilling cold of kutch regions, there is a lovely and fantastic set up of tent sites with all the facilities. The eye catchy white tents are lined up that looks like pearls set up to form a necklace. The dark night and the bonfire make you to fall in love with them. The dried up salt lake is the largest one in the world that is the reason for this carnival to happen. The sunset brings with itself an unforgettable cultural event and delicious traditional dinner. The traditional folk dance is what you will enjoy.

Rann of Kutch is one the most scenic festival that you may want to visit. Save your dates as this year offers many consecutive days. We can help your organize your holidays with us

12 Jan 2019 to 15 Jan 2019: Kite flying holidays.

20 Jan 2019 to 22 Jan 2019:  Full Moon night. This is the once in a lifetime experience that you can have. The beautiful and silvery moon light will shower its peaceful rays upon the white sand that makes it more beautiful. The shower in the moonlight is an experience that will be the most unique one.

25 Jan 2019 to 27 Jan 2019: Republic day holiday and weekend.

19 Feb 2019 to 20 Feb 2019: Full moon night. 20th February 2019 marks the end of this amazing Rann of Kutch Utsav 2019. Get yourself captivated in the ambiance that is serene and surely the blend of ethnicity and modernization. It is more blissful than anything else.

We decided to inquire further on the given helpline number. We must say that Kutch Tour Guide were able to provide to the point information and an attractive package. As we spoke in detail we were given information about our travel and stay. It did not take much time to decide that we must visit this ethnic festival and spend our long holidays in the lap of nature, far from noise and pollution. We decided to create those memories that will cherish lifelong. The kids got excited looking at the pictures that were posted on their website. Hence the journey towards heavenly destination began.