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Time to Relish Some Magical Moments: Rann Utsav 2019

Gujarat is blessed with The Great Rann of Kutch that is a salt marsh in Thar Desert in Kutch. It is been known as one of the largest Salt deserts in the world. The most spectacular, beautiful and popular Rann Utsav begins from 1st Nov 2018 and lasts till 20th Feb 2019. People from India and all over the world come down in this beautiful carnival to experience the serenity.  People who have been a part of this wonderful festival have appreciated the beauty of this place that is beyond words.

Mesmerizing features of Rann Utsav

  • A small village with more than 400 Tents is set up closer to Rann of Kutch in Dhordo and it is famously known as tent city Dhordo. On way to Kutch, the beautifully laid white tents are seen and they look too elegant. The tents are loaded with amenities and all modern facilities. The tents look quite appealing that anyone who visit here are tempted to have their stay in the beautiful place.
  • Varieties of different famous local foods are made available to satiate your taste buds. Winter is the reason people love being a total foodie. Hence varieties of cuisines including Jain food is available to keep hunger away. Various types of food will be served in Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and High Tea.
  • The people of the region of Kutch are blessed with creativity. Different types of handicrafts are available. Beautifully embroidered garments are their specialty and you will not find such neat hand work anywhere else. Moreover different wooden carved items, hand wall painting and beautiful costume and traditional jewellery are a part of this scenic beauty.
  • One of the most thrilling experiences is the view of full moon night standing in white desert. Only if you can imagine how magical it can be. The most inviting white salty marshland right under your feet and you are showered with the divine moonlight. You cannot have equally peaceful moments anywhere else. It is a night that most of us want to enjoy. The coming full moon date is 19th Feb. 2019.
  • Do you know that there are ways by which people are entertained? Yes, they have a very good set up of folk dance and music. People enjoy cultural music with the blend of various musical instruments that forms a melodious rhythm.

Sightseeing around tent city

  • Narayan Sarovar: It is one of the five holy ponds in India. It is a sacred pilgrimage for Hindus and most Hindus come here to offer prayers.
  • Koteshwar Temple: Its one of the ancient temples of Lord Shiva and it is only 4 Kms away from Narayan Sarovar. It is said that the Shiv linga here is of great spiritual power.
  • Mata no Madh: This famous temple was built in the 14th century for Ashapura Mata that is located 80 Kms away from Bhuj.
  • Black Hill: It is the highest point in Kutch-Gujarat. It is close to the border of Indo-Pak border and has temple of Dattatreya built that is 400 years old. The hills are famously known as Black hills.
  • Banni Grassland: An area that has arid region is located in the southern edge of Kutch. The region is rich for its biodiversity. The area is under legal protection by forest department of India.

Ways to Reach

Bhuj is one of the main cities in Kutch. The tent city is 80 Kms away from Bhuj. It is well connected through railways and road transport. If you plan to visit by flight then Bhuj is the nearest destination where your flight can land. We can make your travel easy and comfortable. For more information, get in touch with us. We can assist you in doing the bookings with quick and easy.

You are only a call away to experience the most scenic desert festival of the year 2019. The alluring experience can be made comfortable and worry free with our assistance.