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The Miracles of the White Rann


With us being ushered into yet another new year, it is pertinent to discard the ridiculously cliché places that figure onto our travel itinerary and explore something new, something different. One such place that is an experience in itself is the Rann of Kutch, popularly known as the White Rann.

The fascinating experience that the Rann and its annual festical, the Rann Utsav offer is a must-see for every travel enthusiast. The two-month festival brings together culture, art, music, dance and people to create a beautiful confluence of a celebration. One can choose to live in little tents in the Tent City, if the accommodation they’re looking for must scream authentic. There is world to explore outside your hotel rooms. The White Rann’s salt marshlands or its salt desert is popularly visited by visitors post gaining permission, who breathe in its exquisite beauty and its characteristic tranquillity in awe. The salt gives off a glow that is hard to resist for those who favour their evening strolls.

The Rann Utsav sees a large footfall from all around the world for the celebration and festive atmosphere that is lends to the entire land of the White Rann. Local Musicians, who even stop to perform at the desert, drool worthy displays of local Kutchi cuisine which may leave any foodie of respectable degree panting and huffing for more. The evenings are loud and celebratory, with cultural programs showcasing the dances and music held often.

The tent city also sees various artisans and craftsmen from the local region showcasing their talents, with little curios for you to carry back home. Wood carvings, painted pottery, Kutchi embroidery, Roagn Work and much more is on display for all to see and appreciate.

For those functioning on high levels on adrenaline, the White Rann has various adventure sports to offer such as para-sailing, hang-gliding, bungge-jumping, dune buggies and much more. For the faint hearted, there is nothing better than an evening stroll in the White Rann over a camel. To know more about the Tent City, contact Kutch Tour Guide.

Outside the Tent City to, there is much to explore. The land offers you delights such as the Narayan Sarovar, the Banni Grasslands, The Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary, the Mandvi Beach, Dholavira, the Prag and Aina Mahal and much more, all of which are the most visited spots in the White Rann often appreciated by tourists.