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Kutch tourist places package is the topic discussed below. As it is celebrated in the region called kutch which is worldwide famous now. As people from all over the world are showing keen interest in visiting this ultramodern place. The best ways are provided for you to explore Kutch. In addition a guide is essentially required for giving you information about the places present there as they have many historical events. The largest salt desert which is present over 1600 square kilo meters of area is said to be the incredible place in Gujarat and is called frequently as the Rann of Kutch. Tourism package Kutch plays an important role in attracting the tourists and providing them with history of those respective places. During the main monsoon season this region the desert which is in underwater makes it even more attractive and mind blowing. Rann utsav has become famous these days as it made people very much comfortable in booking tickets for the utsav. The desert there attracts very much as people are really pleased to visit such place. As the color of it is very rare and its nature is similar to mud. Outlooks that are magnificent and history that is fascinating here are the two major factors that make people visit this place more often.

The Rann utsav is celebrated in a good manner and is also called sensitive zone, due to its closeness to the border of Pakistan. People who want to watch or experience the salt desert there need to take the permission. Rann utsav has many places around such as Mandvi and dholavira.