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Travelling to Dhinodhar ? Know about its importance, history, and inspirations.

dhinodhar-kutchThe sounds and sights of Kutch is engulfed with a deep passé, the soils here represent a mere culture dictated way back in past. Be it the Strength, Loyalty or Patience, any passé depicts the richness of a soil by stories of histories. Dhinodhar of Kutch is one such place which holds a silent monastery and a crater within. You’re travelling Dhinodhar for a reason – trekking or just reaching the heights to feel the skyline. But there’s something more auspicious within, the stories of Dhinodhar.

Dhinodhar now is a place of shrine, dome shaped with limestone and mud, one times flourishing city with a rich seaborne trading border. The place is a mere dedication to the ‘Holy Dhoramnath’ who was in search of a secluded place in the lands of Kutch to practice absolute penance.

At the sea banks of Mandvi, a place called Raipur, he resided for the activity that he wanted to persist with. Raipur, with the dominance of Chavdas, didn’t hold adoration or reverence in anything. The people there proved as being unsolicited to Dhoramnath and his doings. With 12 years of penance, Dhoramnath had only Garibnath with hope of alms and an old woman who made obligations to Dhoramnath as a savior. By serving as much as she could spare and with Garibnath’s respect for his saint, Dhoramnath’s penance was of mere strength and beliefs.

Times Passed by, and Dhoramnath’s penance was now completed, he learnt about the wrath and adversaries that went as a tough time during his penance. The anger of this saint relieved with a curse, saying ‘May all the Wealthy be Overthrown!!’ the spirit of his curse demolished Raipur’s businesses and seaport as it entitled as of no use to the needy anyway. Business and trades desiccated, a sea port with a wealthy resourcing amenity, now stood as nothing to spare.

Dhoramnath repented the loss of lives in Raipur; his instincts were strong against his saneness, realizing this Dhoramnath now wanted to confound himself because of a disgraceful effort that he made. He deflated to the Northern Hills to find a place to weigh down his sins. He aped to a hill, but it set smaller against his sins, and another one after with his guilt got abolished. He finally made upto the highest peak moving backwards he reached the peak and named it as ‘Dhinodhar’ – The Patience Bearer.

Standing on his Head for twelve years and paying grief to his efforts, gods took alarm and petitioned for him to complete his penance. Dhoramnath made a vow by saying wherever he would gaze at first will go barren. With his first sight to the left was sea, it turned dried now as Rann!! Moving on he glanced at a hill, which then parted in two.

Dhoramnath made a monastery that served the orders of the Kanphatas, who had to celebrate every comer, be it orphans or anyone that comes to the Monastery. Kanphatas community has a head called the pir. The successor is presented with a robe of honor by the Kutch’s ruler. With gratitude lands were subdued to the name of Monastery.

Dhoramnath is said to be rested on head on a smeared triangle shaped conical stone , The monastery building has a temple dedicated to the saint Dhoramnath and his powerful penance.  Today, Dhinodhar stands much enlightened with the omnipresence of these happenings.