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A divine abode in the Beautiful Rann – Experience the Rann and the mesmerizing Moonlight

rann of kutch moonlight
The White Desert of Kutch has been a splendid destination to experience the marvelous nature’s creation. The Salt Encrusted land is basically a derivative of the sea water’s evaporation, commonly termed as Rann of Kutch. The vast sea line seems to be outlined as a horizon, where the skyline meets.

Kutch’s White Desert is on a wide stretch moving towards the north western horizon with vast touching sea bank – the Arabian Sea. With largely accumulated back water, the Rann gets a new varnishing of salt settled on with every tide and ebb. Nature’s play makes this land captivating. The Rann of Kutch’s Dhordo wherein the Tent City resides is the gateway to this White desert. There is a special arrangement made to experience the moving towards the Rann more spectacular just as a daydream.

A spectacular view at Rann is to witness the luminous Moon light above the white horizon. The Salt Desert turns enchanting when the moon light falls on just like a magic spell, a rare and impressive panorama will make you delighted. And with the ubiquitous Celebration style, Kutch holds a distinct and mesmerizing aspect. It can certainly prove to be a breathtaking visit and forcing you to wonder ‘where on earth are you?’

The Charming Whiteness of the desert enhances the spirits of this lands culture and tradition through the comprehensive celebration “Rann Utsav”. A celebration encompassed with the Kutch’s Tradition and culture, Rann Utsav is one in a whole ‘eccentric beauty’ landed by nature, with man’s artistry.

The Rann of Kutch is celebrated as Rann Utsav during November to February, when the desert takes a beautiful sight at the time. Several tourists visit here to witness the beauty of the marshlands, with lights and colors, and blooming hospitality of the people of Kutch, Rann Utsav gives rise to choicest winter destination visit. Give yourself a treat with this mesmerizing destination, you’ll ever want to escape into.