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White Rann – Evergreen tourist attraction


When you think of cherishing your vacation trips, the foremost option which comes in mind is the “magical land of Kutch”.

It will not be enough to describe Kutch in few words. It is the 2ndlargest district in the world. It has its stunning beauty in the form of rich history, evergreen culture and traditions, most sensational places, wild life etc. which makes it adistinctive place to visit.

Kutch changes its characteristics, it remains dry and sometimes becomes wet, because of its link with the most gorgeous place – “Rann of Kutch”.

Rann of Kutch is the biggest desert,which becomes a wetland during rainy seasons, and remains dry at other times.

It carry its own beauty and charm, by providing tempting nearby sights like birding, Indian wild ass sanctuary, Banni grasslands and other beautiful lakes etc.

It also held biggest carnival festival in winters, which encompasses traditional dance forms, vocals, exhibitions, stunningly decorated tents, camp fire, finest Guajarati cuisine, and much more to relish.

You can get the best blessings of your life, if you watch the eye catching view of sun set at Rann, and feel the charm of serenity, offered by the full moon nights at Rann.

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