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White Rann of Kutch During Monsoon?

White Rann of Kutch During Monsoon?

Everyone knows about Rann of Kutch or famously known as white desert due to the Rann Utsav. But have you ever wondered what is to be like in white desert in monsoons? Monsoon is very rare in Kutch, but when it rains one gets awe-struck with the beauty of the region. This is not particularly best time to visit white Desert but if you don’t want to see the mediocre things, you can visit white Desert in rainy season.

White desert was formerly part of the Arabian sea until the region got uplifted due to geographical uplift, and the connection between sea and the land demolished. In wet years the white desert still gets covered with the water and the view is magnificent. Yes you won’t be able to see sunsets and sunrises due to clouds but you would be enjoying the vast patch of salt land covered with the water.

The monsoon visit also saves the tourists from the scorching heat of Kutch. The temperature rises till 45°C in summers. The beauty of the other places near white desert is also magnified during monsoons; the Kalo dungar near the white desert is eye pleasuring during monsoons. But you need to be careful while driving up the hill. Also the white desert becomes muddy and slippery. And if you don’t want to visit the white desert in such extreme weather then least can do is to start planning for visiting white desert during rann utsav.

If you are planning to visit white desert this current year then you can also enjoy the good rain, the monsoon of current year is ample. You will have chance to watch the enhanced beauty of Kutch covered in clouds which would be very alluring. Also don’t miss to visit the “Bandh” which is situated in Bhuj city of Kutch. It is the open flow path of water which drains into the hamirsar ( largest lake of the city).