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A Quick Glimpse of Kutch – Places, Culture & Tradition

Kutch – the wetlands of Northwest Gujarat is an alluring leisure hearth with eccentric whereabouts to perceive. Kutch is accustomed for its White Lands, the Royal dwelling of the Jadeja dynasty, the scraps of the stay of Indus Civilization; The vibrant tradition of Kutchis (people dwelling in Kutch) is a benefaction to this mainland. The ingenious culture contemplates the beauty of different elements with the sands of time, making it sense ornamental. Happiness here means celebrating Life with the folklore customs like recursive rhythm of damru, sarnai, and tabla, and the looping dandiya dance form matching the symphony.  They say we are made by history, Kutch explains all.

The Sands dominate largest part of Kutch, renowned as the Charm of Kutch. The Elysian White Rann in the North sea-back has always been invariably mystical. The Gulf of Kutch settles on the arms of Arabian Sea, as a result it encounters a periodic tide that results in the vast marshland of preoccupied salts. The sound still sea, with the inactive salt land, it all describes well, how impeccable the nature is. It has a state of dry land, and derives most as a baked-mud land. At times during the later months, despite of a soaking climate, it turns to a cold and stellar dawn. The enchanting white lands and the celestial sky is a magnificent picturesque.

                Kutch district spires to be foremost in area, And Bhuj, as the prime municipality in there. The urban essence of this vicinity tends to be exceptional, like the originative dwelling of a Kutchi House conspires to be shaped in mud with a conical rooftop. These are primitively called as “Bhunga”. Most of these can be witnessed in the ‘tent city’ at the Desert Festival commonly termed as “Rann Utsav”. With time, Bhuj has been one of the princely states of the British raj. It is also the home to the Jadeja Dynasty who has been the much praised at that time in Bhuj.  The Monarch of Kutch, made Bhuj ‘the fort city’ bringing the astonishing gothic style structure of their mansions. The Prag Mahal and The Aina Mahal truly exemplify the enormous vanity of the royals.

                The South end of Kutch exalts the major docking yard – Mandvi. The Mandvi beach line has a spectacular wind farm that forms one of the oldest and earliest wind mill projects ever established in Asia. The Famous Vijay Vilas Palace also abides across the beach that appears splendid with a beach-front mansion. On Beach rides go fun with camels, and horses. Also with the sunny side up, the sweet coconut water excels the sightseeing leisure.

Kutch can be wholly portrayed as an arid land with a flourishingly wealthy culture. It’s a perfect amalgamation of vibrant complexion of mixed tradition with modest nature. It has been said in a modern phrase depicting the wetland: “Kutch Nahin Dekha toh Kuch Nahin Dekha” (if u haven’t visited Kutch u have not seen anything) It holds absolutely true.