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12 Things to Do & See during trip to Rann of Kutch

The serenity of Kutch is certainly known to everyone who has visited and even to the one who hasn’t been there but has seen the photographs of that place. The Kutch tourism has unveiled the beauty of Kutch and made it possible for the people living in the other corner to explore and experience it. We recommend few of the places that you must visit whenever you visit Kutch and experience the aura of the place.

1. Kala Dungar- Sun set point: Not too far from the white desert, Kala dungar or black hill is known for being the highest point of the Kutch region and atop the hill is the famous Dattatreya temple that’s around 400 years old. If you are a photograph lover then you must surely visit this place as it provides with a beautiful scenic view for giving illusion of ocean which is actually while salty land.

2. The holy Narayan Sarovar: The Lake is a classic combination of natural beauty and religious faith because one can find diversity of species here and not to mention that it is one of the major choices of Hindu pilgrims in India. One can also find immigrant species of birds here during certain period of time that makes the overall ambiance of this place quite interesting.

3. Step into one of world’s oldest civilization- Dholavira: If you are a history lover then Dhlolavira is a great place to visit as it tells you all about the ancient civilization through its ruins. The remained ruins show a picture of how the infrastructure and the planning of the city were back in the century. The remains of the artifacts and precious metals are also found there.

4. Beautiful Handicrafts: Kutch is popular for having its hands on awesome and colorful handicraft items because that is one of the main occupations and cottage industry set up here in this region. When you are on a tour to Kutch, you will definitely see handicrafts and beautifully painted and decorated huts on your way.

5. The wonderful camel ride: Sit on the back of the camel and have the most exciting ride on the sandy land because mostly nowhere else you may be able to have this experience. Don’t be scared because the camel owners know the best how to tackle camel’s mood and we bet that you will have out of the world experience doing this.

6. Mud house stay: If you are visiting Kutch then you must not miss out staying in a mud house resort that are decorated with glass and mud with some of the beautiful floral imprints on the walls. Experience the living in kuchcha house and find your inner peace in this beautifully made traditionally known as Bhunga.

7. Authentic cuisines: Kutch is known for its varieties of flavorful delicacies and authentic taste of food dishes. The kutchi cuisines are sharply spicy on tongue but its awesome taste and aroma makes you fall in love with it and keeps you tempted to eat them. 

8. Music and dance: The night calls out for the folk dance and music of Kutch and the artists get themselves dressed in their traditional attire to entertain visitors. The beautiful dance and the rhythmic music keeps you trapped in its melody and take your soul to a peaceful serenity.

9. Mata no madh: It is a religious place to visit and the place is devoted to Aashapura Maa that offers a peaceful and devotional atmosphere. There’s a temple here and visitors come here to offer their prayers to the Goddess.

10. Mandavi beach: The calm and clean Mandavi beach offers a peaceful ambiance to the visitors and it is also a common and popular destination amongst visitors. It is famous for camping and water sport facilities.

11. Prag Mahal & Aaina Mahal: Both the palaces are located in the same compound. Prag Mahal is one of the architectural wonders in India with beautifully carved walls and amazing art forms along with jaali work on windows. Aaina Mahal is another example of great work done by one of the artist by the demand of the kings to build his dream palace. It consists of glittering glasses, antiques and beautiful and exotic tiles that make the palace look truly mesmerizing. Though the 2001 earthquake nearly has shaken the most of the parts of the palace it has been rebuilt to make it open for the visitors.

12. Kutch Museum: The museum has a great collection of Kutchi scripts and ancient coins along with many other things to see like embroidery, paintings, arms, musical instruments, precious metal works, etc., It is one of the oldest museum in Gujarat that stands with proud holding the precious forms of Kutch.

Kutch is beautiful gifted lands by nature, therefore, the moments spend here are surely going to be one of the bests in your life. Gift yourself the natural and authentic gift this year in the form of Kutch tour because the place is worth to see and experience the tranquility.

Come and experience it once in your life and we shall help you have the most memorable moments.