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Explore the mesmerizing White Desert with the Camel Ride

White Desert with the Camel Ride
The White Desert of Kutch, salt encrusted and stretched far with no visible end, is a popular place for touring enthusiasts. Every year The Rann of Kutch eyes on a tremendously beautiful festival to make experience the White surreal desert with a wide stretch meeting the Arabian Sea towards the west, The White desert forms a wonder.

Camel Ride on the mesmerizing White Desert

Shiny white salt land with a marshy surface, the wetland can be explored with different means like a popular getaway – Camel Safari. Camel rides have been famous ride spots for the ultimate sand dunes, but have you imagined a cloud beneath your feet and high above the sky like feeling?

Kutch can make you wonder for loads of Things, but this is something that is the essence of Kutch. The Wetlands are wide enough that you would want to reach right at its peak. Camel Rides can grant you a chance to be in the middle of the nowhere! The White Rann has a sight of View far away about 1.5Km which forms to be the view point of the sea and the White Rann.

Camel Ride can take you there in the extreme sight; the model has been made as such that it can bare visitors and allows you to take a wide panoramic view that can make you imagine nothing much superior than this. Winds blow at a high speed when you’re at the view point higher to some extent from the ground. It even lets you a chance to step into the extreme salted waters. And you can view the whole scene back, how far you’ve come from the sea banks.

Return to your place of commencement now with a toddling ride of Camels or horse whichever you desire, slowly and steadily find your way to the banks of this sea with disappearing of the venue you had been to, some time before. Experiencing the mesmerizing beauty of the no lesser than an illusion ‘White Desert’ a memorable camel ride with your family to a magical venue is a lifetime experience.

Also, Get with the Rann Utsav

Also, Gujarat tourism has taken way more initiatives to make this piece of land like no other. The Rann Utsav is the celebrated time with traditions and cultures drawn with natural amenities. With shows and crafting leisure’s, it becomes an alluring reason to embrace with the beauty of ethnicity in Kutch.

Reaching Kutch

Book your Rann of Kutch Trip with Kutch Tour Guide, experience the magical moments of Kutch. With sounds of Desert, and extreme medieval Kutch rulers and trade itineraries, Religious places to devote yourself, and witnessing the endangered species, Know about the different places to Visit, and top resorts for Kutchi Style Living.