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Rann Utsav – a popular destination to witness diverse culture

Rann Utsav is a festival of Kutch with a pinch of cultural traditions and all the novelties of craftsmanship, celebrated at the aisle of the White Desert during winters. Rann Utsav has come up a long way all around the world for its diverse representation of skills and living draped with tradition.

White Desert and the Festival

An amalgamation of the serene white desert and the remixes of the people therein is something that makes this land more vibrant. Starts during the month of exact November, Rann Utsav makes up a participation of millions all around the world. With Music, Dance and all the abstract attires by the locals, Rann Utsav is admired as one of the enchanting festival to introduce oneself to something less modern and more traditional.

Family Vacations, Solo Travelers, or just the Travelers around…

Rann Utsav forms a cultural Winter Destination. Choose packages to make the best of your stay in a resort with mud style living, or simply drop at a village around for experiencing the core village era of Kutch. The essence of the soil and the food with a matchless health quotient, Kutchis living can make you guide your life more significantly improved.

At Rann Utsav,

Rann Utsav for the enthusiasts – Participate with ATV rides, Golf carts, catapults, excursions, paramotoring, meditating sessions, food fests, you can emphasize your purpose of fest in numerous ways to make best out of the trip. The best sight to look forward to Kutch’s Fest is the moonlight and the enchanting Rann. With keen photography tactics you can save in some real mesmerizing scenic views of Rann of Kutch far near the gateway meeting the skyline

Kutchis’ are the people of Kutch,

They are meant for their astounding hospitality and generous being. Kutch has numerous villages, and people here have a major profession for hand crafting amenities and fabricated clothing attires. With amazing crafts like wood carved frames, toys, wall hangings, vases, and other useful stuffs for home some beautiful clothing designs like embroidery, enamels, threading into rich attires, block printings, Ajrakh, etc. Kutch depicts simplicity in its works as it is devoid of modern techniques. Rann Utsav showcases every beautiful aspect of its people and culture and the histories that made it.

Mark your experience at the Rann Utsav 2017, its more of a cultural taste and even more of its diversity. Kutch Tour Guide is an immense lover of Kutch’s adorable beauty. Plan your ultimate destination with the tourism consultancy ‘Kutch tour Guide’. We have best packages to make your vacation more bounded with cherished memories.

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