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International Kite Festival at Mandvi Beach


The festival of Uttrayan is a uniquely celebrated festival in the state of Gujarat when the sky is filled with colorful kites from before dawn until well after dark.It is locally known as “MakarSankranti” also. We see across the state, almost every city, every person from adult to child celebrates this festival with a joy.

Usually it is seen that people compete with their neighbors to cut their strings and bring down the kites of each other. People buy kites of different shapes, sizes, and colors to fly high. But when we talk about International Kite Festival, the scene differs. International Kite Festival is being celebrated in the city of Mandvi since some years. In this festival many professional kite flyers from different countries come here to showcase different kites.People from various states of India also take part in the festival and fly beautiful kites.

This festival in other works is the official celebration of Uttrayan. This year the city of beach is going to host the International Kite Festival 2016 on this Tuesday, 12th January, 2016.Kite flyers from all over the world are going to come here to wow the crowds with their unique creations and highly unusual kites. This year many kite flyers from different countries like Germany, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, and France are going to take participation in this festival.

In the past people of Mandvi have seen some of the very beautiful kites in the festival like,

  • Giant banner kites
  • Giant Animals, Doaremon kites
  • Bike shaped kite
  • Dragon kites and
  • Many other sculpture kites

If we talk about last International kite festival, kites were dot the sky over the Mandvi beach on 13th January. Kite flyers from 36 countries and 10 Indian states took part in the festival and made it full of entertainment. Local municipality arrange music shows, food stalls, and avail all other facilities so that people can enjoy the festival. This year also municipality have arranged many musical and dance shows that will entertain people while beautiful kites will be pouring colors in blue skies.

It feels great to witness this festival and tourists can also take advantage of visiting RannUtsav 2015-2016 during this time. For any further query on kite festival or Kutch Tour Packages, you can contact us at