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Kutchi Culture – Tribal Folk Music and Dance


India’s largest district Kutch is better known for its cultural and traditional values. Kutchi culture is famous for its creative arts and crafts. People of Kutch speak Kutchi language. Many communities like nomadic, semi-nomadic are still living in Kutch. They are well civilized and very creative.

Kutch Rann is very famous for its annual festival Rann Utsav. It is the festival of joy, celebrations, music and dance. Kutchi people celebrate it with a number of traditional music and dances. This year also the Rann Utsav 2015-2016 is going to be celebrated at the end of the year. With this, let us throw some light on Kutchi cultural folk music and dance.

Kutchi Folk Music

Kutch district has a rich culture of folk music and dance. People here are very fond of music and dance. Kutchi folk music existed since ancient period here. It started from the ancient people who were used to invent new sounds for showing their sentiments and feelings. Gradually, this music further developed as Kutchi folk music.

There are number of never seen instruments used by kutchi people to produce music like tabla, sharnai, nagara, murli, janjhra, manjira, khanjari, ghaghar, flute,duff, dholak, damaru, daklu, nagfani, bhorrindo. These music instruments are linked with a number of aspects of kutchi people and their religion.

Bhorrindo is a very antique folk music instrument of Kutch. It is a simple vacant dirt all or like an egg twisted with holes arranged in an isosceles triangular form, apparently one fairly larger than another.

Another significant instrument is jodia pawa. They are pair of flutes of same size. Jodia pawa are kept together in the mouth and played.

Kutchi Folk Dance

Kutch is also famous for its tribal folk dance. Dance culture in Kutch has one of the oldest form of dance that exist. Kutch claims to have a unique distinction of having legendary origin of its folk dances. A number of festivals are celebrated in Kutch and these celebrations are accompanied with folk dance forms.

Different forms of dance in Kutch are, manjira nritya, dholi nritya, tippani nritya, garba and garbi, dandiya raas, ghoriya raas, hinch, titdo, ashwa nritya, luvar and Adivasi dance, jag nritya, swords raas of gadhvis, mashira nritya of siddis and many more.

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