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Magnificent Kutch Handicrafts to Buy in Rann Utsav

kutch handicrafts

Traditional Kutchi handicrafts are carried on from generaton to generation. They are so beautiful and famous that they are exported overseas. These handicraft work is the piece of hard work carried out by artistic people of Kutch district. Various handicrafts include embroidery, hand block painting, wood carving, mudwall painting, silver work, pen-knives and nutcrackers, iron bell with copper coating, and seashell toys. Today we present you a brief about all of this beautiful work that every tourist must buy during RannUtsav 2015-2016

Embroidery Work

Kutch is famous for its mirrored embroidery work. These mirrors are stitched traditionally by village women on various festivals, honor deities, and generate wealth. And believe us, every village in Kutch has a unique and different style of making embroidery.

Hand Block Printing

Kutch is the homeland of hand block painting in which the design is first drawn on wood using a sharp needle. Later, the required design is carved using tools like nails, hammer, file, chisel etc. Kutchi hand block printing like Ajrakh print, Batik print and Rogan painting is world famous.

Wood Carving

People of villages like Ludia and Dumaro are master artisans in wood carving. These people are used to make wood utensils using beautiful carving. Teak and bahuv wood are used in this fine artefacts.

Mudwall Painting

Traditional bhunga houses in different villages of Kutch are the home of Mudwall painting. People paint house walls with traditional and beautiful pictures and birds.These designs are worth watching and seems like the whole village is a museum.

Silver Work

Here you will find the beautiful silver jewelry with stunning engraved designs. These jewelry are worth having and looks magnificent.

Pen – Knives and Nutcrackers

Kutchi people are used to present pen-knives or nutcrackers to their family and friends. They are produced by artisans who were making swords for royal families in olden days. These small pieces look very attractive and well designed.

Iron Bell with Copper Coating

Kutch is also famous for its iron bell coated with copper. They beat the mouth of bell with hammer to get the desired sound. Each design has produces different sound. These bells are now being used as church bells in foreign countries.

Seashell Toys

Made from shells, seashell toys look very beautiful in showcase. Different shells are collected and graded according to colors and shape and later used to create toys. These toys are then painted well with oil paints and sold.

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