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Kutch’s Famous Works – Read about Handicrafts, Embroidery, and much more

MAGNIFICENT KUTCH HANDICRAFTS TO BUY IN RANN UTSAVKutch is meant for exquisite handicraft and embroidery with vibrant colors and incomparable patterns. Embroidery with rich and ethnic outlook has made a notable contribution to the traditional embroidery renown in India. Practiced normally by women, embroidery is done on fabrics of cotton, with cotton or silk thread no lesser than a painting on a canvas. Also, handcrafted toys, bells with copper elements, seashell frames, wood carvings, block printings, are also a great form practiced locally as a profession in Kutch.

Know about the ultimate shopping guide for Kutch’s mesmerizing clothing and hancrafted elements.


Cotton fabric or satin is usually knitted as a design pattern in the form of a net. Varying stitches like the square chain, double button hole, pattern darning, running stitch, satin, and straight stitches are observed amongst the Kutchis Embroidery. It looks more vibrant with mirror shaped in different forms are used in with conches and shells to make extra use of nature elements. The tribal sub groups of Rabari, Garasia Jat, and Mutava, embroidery has outgrown into diverse ethnic styles like ‘Suf’, Khaarek’,’Paako’,’Rabari’,’Garasia Jat’.

Hand Block Printing

Printing patterns on textiles has evolved much over time with Kutch. Textile like linen, cotton, silk are designed with the help of hand carved wood pattern with the help of colors rich by nature and that can stick to cloth more effectively. Different hand block printing textiles are practiced in Kutch like ’Batik prints’, ‘Ajrakh prints’, ‘Rogan Prints’.

Wood Carvings

Wood carved home element like pastels rollers, bottles, chapatti, disc, glass, table, chair, bowls, wall hangings, toys, frames, vases, etc are masterpiece attraction by Ludia and Dumrao community’s carpentry.

Iron Bell and Copper coating

Metal bells are a source of signals for village times. Usually hung at the doors, and other entries, also main source is to tie across the cattle’s to make it easier to communicate and find them. These metal bells seem uneven by their design orientation but that’s the beauty they carry in. with the gold like finished outer coating the copper bells have now been in more demand with other places.

Seashell Toys

Kutch has a long coastline and thus making use of the sea shells have much been in demand for among all products that is been designed by the localites, like using shells and conches for the clothing to make is heavy and unique. Also some colorful shells ae made use in toys as it makes it porcelain finished with more captivating look.

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