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Rann of Kutch on a Full Moon Night

Rann of Kutch on a Full Moon Night

If you are a culture lover, pack your bags and plan out a tour to Kutch. Kutch district is the place where nature plays a synchronized orchestra of salts and stones, with a few notes of the sea and the deserts thrown here and there. Come and witness the Great Rann of Kutch which is spread across 16000 sq. km, and is the world’s largest salt desert.

Rann of Kutch is worth a visit during the Kutch Festival or better known by Rann Utsav. This festival starts in the month of November and lasts till January/February. Thousands of tourists come here to witness the beauty of white seasonal salty marsh in the Great Rann of Kutch.

This amazing land of Rann of Kutch turns into a salty marsh during monsoons and then back to its brilliant white glory during the summers and winters. It is recommended to visit it during Rann Utsav 2015-2016 this year. On the full moon night, moon emerge to be as brighter as the sun but it certainly has no intention to rouse you of your slumber. The full moon rays sprinkle quietly on the whiteness below your feet and it seems that the salt has sparkled like a million gems.

When on the night of full moon, you stand on your bare feet, you will definitely find yourself muttering under your breadth, “Where am I on the Earth?” This is the magical charm of the White desert where the slight chill would also halt for a second. Well, after reading my article, if you are planning to visit Kutch, I would recommend you to search for Rann-of-Kutch Tours where you will be offered a proper guidance while on your visit.

Kutch Tour Packages

The best way to explore Kutch is to book a tour package. Many tour agencies are available in Kutch offering a differently tailored tour packages for different requirements of tourists. Kutch Tour Guide is one of the best Kutch tour consultancies among all to offer the best Kutch Tour Packages. To witness the full moon during Rann Utsav 2015-2016, you can certainly visit or call on +91 72288 61116 for further details.