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Touring Guide: The Hamirsar Lake of Bhuj

hamirsar lake bhujA lifelike wonder between the saline and Kutch, Hamirsar lake is a manmade lake built on the name of Hamir Rao, a Jadeja ruler who ruled around 450 years ago. Solely made for the people of Kutch for quenching the domestic needs, now Hamirsar Lake is a beauty residing in the middle of Kutch as a tourist attraction.

Jadeja were prominent rulers of Kutch, and Hamirsar was the father of Rao Khengarji, and the founder if this Jadeja Community. Doing good deeds to the people of Kutch, the Hamirsar Lake was built with this aspect as it would be a source to the domestic needs of people, doing recreational activities. The summers of Kutch are hot and raging, with the arid area of Kutch, it’s hardly potent to find any productive cultivating, and Hamirsar Lake at that time was the main source as it was an oasis of greenery with the Rann’s arid and saline ground. Several canals and tunnels were comprehended from 3 tributaries to generate water inlet into this manmade canal. Since that time, supply of water resource got more advantageous with this lake, making Bhuj as capital of Kingdom of Khengarji II.

Today, Hamirsar Lake is a pleasant attraction spot for bird watching and other creative activities near about this lake. At times the lake can go vacant, but since it is a water spot, birds can be a good attraction with alluring scenery.

Near about this lake, some great spots like the Beautiful Prag Mahal, and with captivating mirror work – Aina Mahal, Museum of Bhuj, the enormous whit marbled Swaminarayan Temple all these are popular places surrounded near to the Hamirsar Lake. You can spend a quiet time here, with photography, or just some water play, and sightseeing near to this Hamirsar Lake.

Planning to visit Kutch, Bhuj will be your centric locality with Mahals and museums, and a simple scenic experience at this cozy city, some good wonders of the rulers herein will make you awed for the royalty styled in, and the handicrafts and artworks will make your trip worth remembering. Know more about the Tour packages to get with Kutch’s Best Trips from Kutch Tour Guide. Request a quote from our Website to get an immediate assistance regarding your next trip to Kutch.