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Top Religious Places to Visit in Kutch – Lists of pilgrimage sight seeing

Religious Places to Visit in KutchKutch lies in the North Western sea bank of Gujarat thus it is more significantly diverse with respect to religious aspects. Giving rise to life existence as it stands across the water Kutch has a rich pilgrimage site for unleashing the divinity inside.

Narayan Sarovar

narayan sarovar templeNarayan is Vishnu, thus the temple is a popular worship place for Hindu devotees of Lord Vishnu. A pilgrimage surrounded by fortified walls, the Narayan Sarovar Temple resides on one times great lake. The seven stoned temples which settle across the lake, from where the devotees gather for worshipping by cleansing themselves from the lake water.  The Narayan Sarovar is a revered pilgrimage spot in Kutch with respect to its lake surrounding.

Koteshwar Mahadev

koteshwar mahadev temple kutchKoteshwar Mahadev, the ancient Shiva Temple has strong imprint of Shiva Ling’s great spiritual powers. The Koteshwar Temple resides on the banks, meeting the incomprehensible vastness of sea. The Temple’s earliest mention can be found in the writings of a Chinese Traveler Hiuen-Tsiang, wherein the temple comes across five miles in boundary to the Indus River with 80other monasteries of the samityas.

Also, the temple brings on the story of Ravana who misleaded with his carelessness, dropping the Shiva ling to the earth (now Koteshwar), and for adhering this act, Shiva ling turned to a thousand other identical lings which were hard to distinguish. Ravana moved on with a random one leaving the original ling here on this land that gave rise to Koteshwar Temple.

Koteshwar Temple rests on this long sea bank with a vast incomplete Arabian sea, giving rise to a powerful pilgrimage spot because of its importance among Hindus and the epic Ramayana.

Mata No Madh

mata no madh kutchA popular Pilgrimage for the Goddess Ashapura Mata, Mata No Madh is a 14th century temple enshrined with a red painted stone. A dedicated deity of the Jadeja’s, the original temple was architecturally demolished during the early earthquakes during 1819. With a couple of Legends connected to the deity, Karad Vania from Marwar toured this area during the navratri (a devotion to the Ambe Mata for the nine nights) as he was a strong devotee of the goddess and then rebuilding the temple because of the fulfilling that came into real. The shrine of Worship for the Goddess gives rise to this formation.

Apart from the main temple of Ashapura Mata, there are temples for hinglaj mata, chachra bhawani, Khatla Bhawani, and jagora bhawani. There are several occasions associated with the temple during the chaitri and ashvin months of the Navratri.

Haji Pir Dargah

hajipir dargah kutchThe holy shrine of the famous saint Haji Pir is a popular place of Worship for not only the Muslims but for all religions people with faith who hold high esteem and reverences for the Haji pir. The shrine came into existence for Haji pir, who was a soldier in the army of Shahabuddin Muhammad, Ghauri. Haji pir was a saint who saved cows from dacoits, also performing Hajj, he was known as Haji pir.

Resting on the border of Kutch near to Pakistan, The Dargah is witnessed as the popular shrine both culturally and strategically.

Other popular worship places of Kutch are as follows.

  1. 72 Jinalaya Temples
  2. 72 Warrior Yaksh Temple
  3. Bhadreshwar Jain Temple
  4. Jesal – Toral Tomb
  5. Kera Siva Temple
  6. Mekan Dada Temple
  7. Rudramata Temple
  8. Ramkund Stepwell
  9. Than Monastery

Kutch’s Renowned for its vast cultural prospects and an enhancing devotion place for the variety of communities resided here in. The strategically located Kutch has diverse aspects with respect to people and devotional capabilities. Take a devoting tour to these esteemed places of Kutch, the pilgrimage sites can spark the light of your conscience with divinity.