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These 11 Villages of Kutch are Trending Tourist Destinations

Kutch Village Visit Tourist attraction, fancy places, luxury living everything has just been monotonous nowadays travel has become just an escape to the usual touristy hotspots. However, visiting the same destinations like others just don’t make the best of your experience, you ought to get a bit deeper, to the locals. Yes, getting onto locals, that is the heart of history, the start that made it all the way to the Now, cities. Indian Villages can absolutely make your travel outing more stupendous with deep histories and skill commencements, the localites unconventional type of living. And with Kutch it all started with the villages. Know why Kutch Nahin Dekha Toh Kuch Nahin Dekha.

Though Kutch has got major tourist attraction spots, you can make out your time for these creative villages for a delighting journey, somewhere you can feel the ‘Mitti Di Khushboo’ (the scent of soil). Read on about the creative villages of Kutch that now has become a major expedition to explore the culture.

  • Bhujodi, Bhuj

Bhujodi, being the major textile center of Kutch, is where 1200 inhabitants a vast majority has evolved in textile handicraft development. The Village dwells with skill artist like Weavers, Tie-Die artists, and block printers. You can set back and watch their creative craftsmanship, grasping some good inspirations.

The famous Ashapura Crafts Park is one such corporate park that helps in artisan come up with wide display platforms and institutions for betterment of their living. Also Shrujan campus LLDC is one such campus revisiting the handicraft skills and bringing them to the next level. Read more about the Shrujan’s Living and Learning Design Center.

Bhujodi Village hosts a handicraft fair all year long with many other cultural activities to bring the spirit up above among the visitors and the dwellers.

  • Ajrakhpur Village

Block Printing with alluring patterns and vibrant colors like indigo, henna turmeric, pomegranate, iron mud, this artwork beholds in the Ajrakh Village. With Fabrics so rich, and the block printing patterns, all together the end result is just a master piece. The community – Khatri’s, are precisely talented with the block printing for over 3000 year. Ismail Mohammed Khatri is one such traditional expertise who made into the honorary doctorate in textiles with De Monfort University, has set an example to this.

Ajrakh Block Printing is renowned Worldwide through the community Khatri’s who dwell in Ajrakhpur. They say, it was from Sindh a 400 years ago when a Muslim community ‘Khatri’s’ made it to Ajrakhpur and started their living with this essential printing technique. Know about Kutch’s clothing attires and Crafting amenities.

  • Kukma Village, Khamir

The prior Weaving center of Kutch, Kukma is village near Bhuj Town, 16 Km from it. Khamir Crafts Resource Center dwells as an active campus for craftsmanship institutions and display center, promoting rich tradition, this place is open for all artists and individuals to make the best of the platform more vibrant and cultural.

They say it is the best time to visit during October to March months of winter as the climate is more essential for working creatively and being more enthusiastic.

  • Dharang Village

Dhrang is a village residing over the border to Pakistan, is about 40Km away from Bhuj. The main importance of the bliss of Dhrang is the famous Dhrang Fair. Also, it is a dedicated devotion to the Saint Mekaran Dada who saved the village, and served lifelong to it.

  • Sumrasar Village

Aiming to preserve the communities, Kala Raksha is an organization held in Sumrasar for promoting art works and crafts based on Rabari, Garasia, Jat embroidery. With a small museum, with 600 dedicated artisans from seven different communities, the place can be concentric with the spirits and beauty of skills of these artisans.

  • Bhirandiyara village

A multicultural village with some great tastes to offer, Bhirandiyara is the home to the Meghwal community known for some eccentric embroidery and colorful Bhunga huts in there vicinity as a dwelling place. This quote suits best saying, home to every artisan, you’ll find masterpiece creations making you awestruck. Also, the ‘Mawa’ aka Maavo among the localites, a milk product, where in the milk is burnt to reduce to a fudge consistency, and adding sweetness to it, is famous here in for the perfect village pudding experience.

  • Ludiya village

Ludiya about 70Kms north from Bhuj and 3Kms from Khawda, is a beautiful village predominantly with Muslim people and Harijans. Coined as ‘Gandhi nu Gam’, Ludiya accommodates with the Meghwal community, the village forms as an aesthetic delight. The occupation oriented here is with beautiful embroidery work and traditional crafts and furniture. The village scape is heavily cozy, with construction of mud houses with captivatingly intricate designs, mirror works, just near to one another leaving a pathway distance in between.

  • Khavda Village

With excellent potters and leather craftsman, Khawda is dominant with Muslim community. Here the KMVS office of Khawda is famous for embroidered handmade soft toys and other distinct creations. Also, world famous flamingo colony can be found here in the lakes out past Jamkundaliya, where these birds migrate over every year.

  • Hodka Village

Village formed in a cluster type, the Hodka village is located in the Banni Grassland,on the edge of the great salt desert. This Village is home to artisans with decorative mirror workings, lamps, hand fans, letter boxes, wall hangings, and other beautiful inspirations. Hodo is home t the descendants of Halaji, termed as Halepotra clan, who are Muslims, also simultaneously, Hindu Meghwal can be found here. Majority of the place holders are cattle breeders.

  • Dhordo Village

The centric place while touring to Kutch, Dhordo is 80Km from Banni is a dwelling for the Mutwa community who’ve come from Sindh. Ingenious artistry in Needle and Thread, the women here have been extremist with fine styling of Embroidery called Mutwa of tiny mirrors.

  • Jura and Nirona Village

Elias Lohar, Haji Vali Mohammed are the famous craftsman of this village making an intensive process of tuning famous copper bells of Jura, Nirona about 6Km from Jura. It resides with half a dozen distinct crafts form. Also, make your time to visit Abdul Gafar Khatri, belonging to the family of Ragan artisans, it will make you wonder for making him do so well with the metal stick and some castor-oil based colors to create eccentric and superlative compositions together. And don’t miss the Sugar saya, Mala Khamisa in Vadavas as they transform wood with bright lacquer colors.

Kutch’s Villages are none the less, every place has something to offer so does every Village of Kutch. You can sit back and relax at the divine abode of Mud Huts in Kutch or simply get with Village Styled Resorts for a themed living. Plan a merely inspiring escape to this white land – Kutch and experience best food, living and cultural amenities to relive as your historians. It’s not just the palaces and beaches of Kutch, know more about Kutch’s Getaway. Kutch Tour Guide is a leading tourism specialist; know more to make your cultural expedition more drastic and cherished with exciting memories of the Land of Kutch.