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72 Jinalaya – A Great Jain Pilgrimage

72 Jinalaya – A Great Jain Pilgrimage

Mandvi is a very beautiful city of Kutch district located 56 km south of the Bhuj city. Once upon a time it was a major port of India but now the host of famous mandvi beach. The city was surrounded by fort which you will still see around the city if you visit. Mandvi city was famous for its ship building yard where still small ships are manufactured.

Mandvi is also famous for 72 Jinalaya (72 Jain Temples) which is located 11 km from Mandvi near the Koday village. This 72 Jinalaya is a Jain Pilgrimage and home to 72 Deris of Lord Mahavir. This beautiful temples are located at Mundra-Mandvi road and spread across appx. 80 acres. Locally it is known as “Bauter Jinalay”. It is also known as “Adishwar Bauter Jinalay Mahatirth”.


The huge temple complex has all the basic amenities like Dharmshala where anyone can stay and a dining facility known as “Bhojanalaya”. Shri Shantinath Jain Ashram is also near to 72 Jinalaya where other facilities like Jain Vadi, Pathshala (School), and upashraya are also available.ST buses and jeeps depart from Bhuj about every 30 min. from the central transportation area. For local excursions, jeeps can be hired in Mandvi.


This holy place is very important for Jain people. It was built in the memory of Gun Sagar Surishwarji Maharaj back in the year 1982. It has octagonal shape and believed to be proven as a milestone for future generations. Tourists always come to see this attractive and beautiful place and feel special closeness with God and others go to acquaint themselves with the environment in which these special, spiritual things happened.

Other Attractions

If you are on a visit to 72 Jinalaya, you also should visit Mandvi city which has attractions like,

  • The wind farm beach
  • Rukmavati bridge
  • Topansar lake
  • Bandhank (Kutchi Handicraft) bazar
  • Ship building yard
  • Light house etc.

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