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Little Rann of Kutch

Littel Rann
The little Rann of Kutch is one of the never seen place on the earth where you can explore unbelievable things and get unforgettable experiences. It is geographically unique landscape that was once an arm of the Arabian Sea. As the time passed, this land got separated from the sea and became a vast featureless, plain salt land which is flooded with water during rains and seems like a sea.

This Little Rann of Kutch is habitat to approximately 93 species of zooplanktons, annelid, crustaceans, insects, mollusks, and spiders. This makes the Little Rann a perfect nomination to be a biosphere reserve.

Wild Ass Sanctuary

The Little Rann of the Kutch is the home of Wild Asses which are found nowhere else and spread over 5000 Sq. Km. in wild ass sanctuary. These wild asses are locally known as “Gudkhar”. These wild asses are more than a meter tall and run at a speed of 50kmph. They are usually seen in a small herds.

Other Attractions

The little Rann of Kutch is also the home of the elegant blackbuck which is locally known as “Nilgai” or blue bull and the graceful Indian gazelle which are locally known as “Chinkara”. Other carnivores include Indian wolf, Indian fox, desert fox, desert cats, jackals and hyenas.If you are lucky, you will also see hedgehogs and reptiles like Indian rat snake, cobra, viper, sand boa, and spiny tailed lizard.

Apart from these, you can also see large salt panes on the peripherals of the Rann and get a chance to see how salt is prepared out of saline sea water. This entire area is a major producer of salt in India.

Desert Safari

You can enjoy a Jeep safari, camel cart safari and camel ride in the Little Rann of Kutch which also gives you the advantage of experiencing other cultural tours to nearby villages. These tours will give you the opportunity to get closer to the regional artisans and culture of Kutch.

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